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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People

Servicios de Mantenimiento de CT (EN)

La forma más económica de mantener en perfectas condiciones su Centro de Transformación. (EN)

Personalised service

Endesa offers your company excellent specialised service. Send us your details and we will contact you


Always in the know about your business

At Endesa we know that your business cannot afford to stop, that is why we offer you the Service of Maintenance of Transformation Centres.

Proper maintenance of the Transformation Centre is key to the safety of your electrical installation and therefore, that there is no interruption in your business activity.

  1. It will comply with the current regulations (RD 337-2014) which obliges the owners of processing centres to subscribe to a maintenance contract and to carry out Triennial Inspections with OCA ((Authorized Control Body).

  2. In order to adapt to the needs of your business, Endesa offers you four levels of service and maintenance of transformation centres.What's yours?

Choose the rate that best suits your business level

  1. Basic

    The most economical way to keep your transformation centre in perfect condition,including all mainenance tasks.


    24h services 365 days

  2. Basic +

    Basic Transformation Centre Maintenance plus carrying out of a thermographic study.

    Thermographic Study


    7/24 Service 365 days a year

  3. Optimal

    Basic Transformation Centre Maintenance plus management with the authorized control body.

    OCA Study


    7/24 Service 365 days a year

  4. Premium

    All maintenance Services of the Optimal Transformation Centre plus carrying out a thermographic study

    Thermographic Study

    OCA Study


    7/24 Service 365 days a year