Electronic DNI

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Electronic DNI

Electronic DNI


Discover all the advantage of the electronic DNI and conveniently access My Endesa to carry out all necessary transactions.

The main advantages of the electronic DNI are:
  • The electronic signature of the electronic DNI guarantees the identity of the person carrying out the transaction, along with the integrity of the messages sent.
  • It provides the very highest level of internet confidentiality and security.
  • It identifies parties you connect via computer.
To begin the session, enter your electronic DNI in the card reader. Remember that beginning now, you will be connected with the software of the National Police, which will ask you for an access key.

For more information about the electronic DNI, click here.


Advantages of the DNI-e

Here are just a few:

  • Save time and travel
  • Eliminate the use of paper
  • You can carry out transactions anywhere and at any time
  • Highest level of internet confidentiality and security
  • Issuance is immediate