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Are gas hobs the most efficient option?

Published on July 10, 2019

According to the IDAE (Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving), gas hobs are the most efficient option, followed by induction hobs, ceramic hobs and electrical resistance hobs, which use the most energy.
Perhaps this is why they are the most popular hobs in Spain (and because many say food tastes better): 30.83% of Spanish households have a gas hob, according to the IDEA report on Consumption in the Residential Sector in Spain conducted in 2011. According to this agency, kitchens account for 7.4% of average household energy bills and the energy consumption is 9.3%.

CO2 emissions
Another aspect to take into account is the amount of CO2 emitted. In this regard, nothing can compete with gas. This type of hob is the most respectful of the environment. According to the IDAE, it is much more efficient to generate heat with gas than with electricity. According to available data, a natural gas hob only emits around 200 grams of CO2 for each kWh, compared with 450 grams generated by ceramic hobs or the 360 grams generated by induction hobs.
Remember that in order to reduce consumption and emissions with a gas hob, it is essential to clean the gas burners and remove any residue. You should also check the colour of the flame: if it is blue it is perfect, if it is yellow, something is wrong with the combustion.
Therefore, the old fashioned hob may not be the cleanest or the most beautiful, but it allows us to cook quickly and more efficiently and, in terms of savings, it is definitely the best option. In addition, with Endesa’s One Gas tariff, you can benefit from discounts (specifically 9%), to enjoy all-round savings.