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10 inventions that (only) work with solar energy

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Barbecues, laptops, showers, a car park for electric vehicles or even planes are some of the most revolutionary products that only work on solar energy. Forget about sockets! These are 10 inventions that do not require and electrical connection.

  1. Car park. Barcelona has a self-sustainable car park that uses energy from solar panels installed on the roof of the building for charging the batteries of electric vehicles. Covering an area of 500 m2, this e-car park that forms part of the Green Motion initiative, has 24 charging points (up to 3.7 kW) and they take between five and eight hours to fully charge the battery of an electric vehicle. And all with the sun’s energy.

  2. SOL laptop. Imagine a computer that you can take wherever you like without having to use sockets. That is what SOL is, a solar laptop with a battery that can be charged in two hours and which will last for 10 hours. The energy is supplied via built-in foldable solar panels. Manufactured by the Canadian company WeWi Telecommunications, the aim is to improve education in developing countries.

  3. SunShower. Taking a shower has never been so environmentally-friendly! SunShower invention was created by a company in New Zealand called s.p.u.d. Ltd.; a shower that is capable of heating water to the ideal temperature thanks to a large solar panel installed next to the tap.

  4. GoSun solar hob. Imagine going to the countryside and being able to boil, roast or fry by only using the sun’s energy. The GoSun hob is a solar gadget that can reach temperatures of 370ºC and enables anything to be cooked in around 20 minutes thanks to reflectors that capture sunlight.

  5. Solar barbecues. Another invention that enables us to cook in a sustainable manner is the solar barbecue. The way they work is simple: they generate heat by concentrating light. To do so they use a parabolic-shaped reflector that concentrates rays of sun on its central focal point, where the food is placed that we want to cook. There are various models available: The Cookup Inox or the Cookup 200, by the French company iD Cook, or the Italian company Biogri.

  6. Solar Purse. Fashion can be environmentally friendly. Proof of this is the Solarjo Power Purse. Created by an engineering student, Joe Hynek, this purse is lined externally with small solar panels that capture energy and transform it into electricity. It also has two storage batteries and only needs three hours of sun to charge our smartphones.

  7. Solar rucksacks. As with Joe Hynek’s purse, solar rucksacks are very practical gadgets for weekends away, providing an accessible way of charging our electrical devices in a sustainable manner. The manufacturers, A-Solar and Sunload offer various models.

  8. Solar socket. Imagine being able to carry a socket with you in your pocket that can be used anytime you need it. This is precisely what the revolutionary solar socket created by the designers, Kyuho Song & Boa Oh does. Made from plastic, it includes a small solar panel with photovoltaic cells on one of its sides. On the other, a suction pad enables it to be adhered to a glass window. A small converter transforms the solar energy into electricity and a battery enables surplus energy to be stored and then used when there is no sun. It needs between five and eight hours of sun to charge its batteries up to 100%.

  9. Solar cars. The solar revolution has also reached the automotive sector. An increasing number of manufacturers are testing their solar prototypes. And the competition, World Solar Challenge is the best place to do so. Some examples of cars that only need sunlight to start are: eVe, a vehicle capable of reaching 140 km/h with autonomy of 500 km; or the Dutch car Stella, a solar powered family car and other lighter ones on the market, weighing only 380 kilos.

  10. Solar planes. If there is one invention capable of leaving us speechless, it is the solar plane. The most spectacular prototype is the Solar Impulse 2, a plane that plans to fly around the world without using any form of fuel. Only sunlight. The plane is capable of flying for five days and five nights without having to land.


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