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Electricity and gas: Is it worth signing up for them together?

Published on April 3, 2017

In an attempt to bring down bills and reduce the number of contracts, taking out your electricity and gas with the same company may seem like a good idea. But, what are the advantages? Is it really worth taking out a joint offer?

In general terms yes, it is worth it: prices are more competitive and they offer greater discounts than if you sign up for your electricity and gas supply separately.

If you want to find out whether the dual tariff is for you, you should compare. To do so, you need to understand what and how much you are paying for with each service. 

You are what you consume

Bills are separated into how much energy you use, which is measured in kWh and your contracted power, which is measured in kW. The former is a variable cost (depending on how much energy you use) and the latter is a fixed cost (it is the same every month)…, unless you decide to change your contracted power.

Let’s focus on your consumption, which is the part you can control better. Each kWh you use will be paid for at a different price, depending on your tariff. The regulated electricity tariff called VPSC (Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer) and with this, the kWh price varies every hour based on the market offer and demand.

On the other hand, there are many different tariffs on the open market. For example, with Endesa’s One Tariff, the price of the kWh is always the same. You will not have any surprises on your bill regardless of how much it rains, or how windy it is.

Different energy tariffs to suit your requirements

In order to find out if you can save money, you should remember that each company applies discounts to their own prices. And that these discounts do not always apply to all the items on your bill. There are discounts that only apply to part of the power, others that refer to consumption… sometimes these may be temporary discounts or they are only applicable if you do not exceed a specific annual consumption.

It is advisable to carry out an individualised study for each requirement. Endesa has a comparison tool that may help you to decide. It is worth sitting down with your bills in your hand for this exercise because, at the end of the year, there may be significant price differences between the various offers.

Endesa’s dual offer

Endesa’s dual offer is one of the most interesting offers available on the market.

That is One Electricity + Gas

  1. A 100% online tariff
  2. Indefinite discounts
  3. Without a minimum term contract