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How could "The Simpsons" characters reduce their electricity bill?

Published on July 7, 2017

Although they have their own nuclear power plant, knowing Mr Burns, the Springfield residents probably have very high electricity bills. If this were the real world and not a cartoon series, even the minor characters would be able to find an Endesa tariff to suit them.

Thinking of new challenges, we have decided to break the monopoly that the evil Mr Burns' holds over the power in Springfield. What would the lives of The Simpsons characters be like if they could sign up to any electricity contract they wanted?

They would rid themselves of the magnate and the Simpson family would find something better on the market. Or maybe not. It would all depend on the balance between the restraint of Marge and the madness of Homer.

That is why we have focused on the most demanding profiles, on minor characters that don't miss a trick. All of them watch every single penny and examine their electricity bill in great detail.

We have a solution for all of them; we adapt to the way they are. Enjoy this little review as if it were an episode of your favourite series.

1. Ned Flanders and his spiritual peace

No one has any doubt: Ned Flanders is always searching for peace and harmony. He is also an avid Internet user (he designs and maintains the parish website).

Without doubt, Ned would register with Endesa, but that would not be enough for him. Soon he would run to tell all his neighbours the good news. The “ilumina a un amigo” (illuminate a friend) programme is designed for Ned, so he can spread the word and help his neighbours save on their electricity bills. And while he is at it… Ned would earn himself €30 out of the blue.

2. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (yes, that is his surname)

Our Tempo Elección (Tempo Election) tariff would be like one of those 30-second naps the tireless owner of Kwik-E-Mart has to bring him back to life. With a job that takes up 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, Apu is nearly always at work.

His life is his work and the most famous convenience store in this series is always open. That is why he needs a saving tariff for powers of more than 15 kW (the store is quite big and has lots of refrigerators), that focuses particularly on the evenings (from 0.00 to 8.00 every day of the week), which is when he must switch the illuminated sign on to attract the night birds.

3. Patty and Selma Bouvier

Marge's twin sisters could choose the Tempo Fin de Semana tariff (Tempo Weekend Tariff). They both work at the Springfield Department of Motor Vehicles examining people to issue or revoke their driving licences.

They are both single and don’t have a lot to do; they spend their weekends enjoying their two great passions: smoking Laramie cigarettes and watching “MacGyver” over and over again.

With their new tariff, they would enjoy a 15% discount indefinitely during Tempo hours for this tariff: 24:00 to 08:00 from Monday to Friday and all day on the weekend, which is when they use the most electricity.

4. Mr Burns

Despite being the richest man in the area, Montgomery Burns watches every penny and he is famous for his austerity. He wouldn’t spend a second doing it, but his faithful Smithers would trail the Internet in search of a better option.

With his practical nature, Smithers would choose One Luz (One Electricity). Possibly the market's best online tariff, in fact, it is so good that it doesn't need discounts. Without any minimum commitment period and without complications. An incredibly competitive price that lasts the same as Mr Burns’ fortune: eternally, forever.

Change to Endesa and choose your tariff

Now do you believe it? Do as they have and change to Endesa. Decide which of our tariffs best suits your needs and start saving from the very first month.

With us you will be able to watch "The Itchy and Scratchy Show" non-stop, without having to think about your electricity bill and use those dollars to have a few Duff beers in Moe’s Tavern or even buy yourself the Radioactive Man's number one in the Android's Dungeon. You decide!

Even if you are a minor character in "The Simpsons", Endesa has a tariff for you