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How to build a homemade air purifier

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We spend most of our time inside buildings. Building regulations concerning ventilation systems and CO2 controls applicable to buildings available for public use are responsible for ensuring that the air we breathe is clean. However, what about in our home? A homemade air purifier will enable you to make sure the air quality inside your home is clean.

Practical tips for purifying the air

You can improve your indoor air quality by following any of these tips:

  • Regularly ventilate your home to renew the concentrated air.

  • Grow indoor plants.

  • Eliminate any indoor air pollution in your home as a result dampness and mould, dust accumulation, the use of chemical products or smoking.

You can also build an air purifier, which can be helpful to remove harmful particles.

Making a homemade purifier

The materials you will need are as follows:

  • A PVC pipe - internal diameter 12 cm (the ventilators must fit inside)

  • 2 computer ventilation fans.

  • 4 covers for the pipes - the same diameter.

  • Computer power supply.

  • Chicken lattice or wire mesh.

  • Felt paper (600 micron).

  • Activated carbon.

  • Silicone.

  • Cut the pipe into three sections. One measuring 25 cm, which will be the purifier chamber, and the other two measuring approximately 4 cm.

  • Bypass the red and black cables that extend from the ventilation fans.

  • Make a hole in the large pipe.

  • Cut the corners off the ventilator fans.

  • Insert the ventilator fans into the large pipe. One at each end, so the two send the air in the same direction.

  • Attach the ventilator fans to the pipe with silicone.

  • Pull the cables from the ventilator fans through the hole made in the pipe.

  • Remove the bottom of the lid, leaving only a frame.

  • Cut the mesh into four circular pieces the same size as the pipe.

  • Cut the felt paper into four circular pieces, the same size as the mesh.

  • Place the wire mesh on the remaining frame from the PVC lid.

  • Then place the felt paper on the mesh.

  • Attach with silicone.

  • Incorporate the activated carbon.

  • Attach another felt paper and another mesh.

  • Place this filter on the end of the large pipe, where the air enters the chamber.

  • Take the other lid and insert a mesh and two felt papers into it.

  • Place this filter on the other end of the chamber.

  • Take the yellow and black cable from the power supply and bypass them.

  • Connect the power supply to the ventilators.

This homemade air purifier will not only save your money, you will also be using parts from a computer, which you would otherwise have to take to a recycling centre.

Do you know of another way of purifying the air within your home?

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