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Now your home is also in your hands

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The hectic pace at which we live forces us to be away from home more and more. We all want the little time available to enjoy our home to be as comfortable as possible, without entailing over-expenditure on our electricity bill.

There must have been many times when, on leaving work after a long day and feeling worn out, it’s colder than you expected. Maybe you even see people running to find shelter from the pouring rain under a ledge. Of course, these situations are not to anybody’s liking.

Now, as well as tired you feel a bit feverish, and all you want is to get home, and you wish someone else had got there first to turn on the heating. At other times, the opposite may happen; you rush out of the house with your morning coffee in a flask because you haven’t had time to sit and drink it, and with your jacket only half on you slam the door because you’re late for an important meeting, and suddenly, as you leave, you realise… you don’t know if you switched off the kettle or the lights!

There’s no denying that these are situations that happen over and over again in our lifestyle. Luckily, technology is more and more integrated in our lives, and in most cases this is beneficial to people. Proof of this is that there exist a plethora of solutions on the market to make life easier for you, for example, by managing your home with one hand.

The reasons for the use of technological solutions are many and varied, from the ever-greater awareness of users in their quest for greater efficiency, for example in search of a way to save on the electricity bill, to the need to control as simply as possible those vital aspects of our everyday life, such as our homes. First it was the car, then the bank, then an app to monitor the kids’ homework; and now it is possible to manage everything that happens in our homes from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, via a telephone, a computer or a tablet.

Thanks to the different systems, which have come to be called the Internet of Things, there are nowadays many tasks we can perform very simply, thanks to developments of this type:

  • Controlling the temperature: the emergence of smart thermostats has enabled us to enjoy a perfect temperature at home, to turn the heating on or off, to adapt a different temperature for each room in the house, and even to come back to a warm house after a few days away on winter holiday. And best of all, we do it via our mobile phones.
  • Simulating our presence: it is now possible to dissuade possible intruders when we are away from home, by programming the turning on and off of lights according to our habits.
  • Measuring your consumption: No doubt, more than once, you have wondered: “How much power does my house use?” Well, nowadays, it’s now possible to find out the consumption of your home and its progress in real time, which is a first step toward saving day by day. Now you will be able to verify and compare which times, days or months are those of the highest consumption.
  • Minimising phantom power usage: after proof that phantom consumption can increase electricity costs in the average Spanish home by as much as 15%, mainly because of appliances that remain at standby, it seems that the emergence of solutions such as smart power strips and energy saver plugs may put an end to this silent thief. For example, using this type of systems enables us to turn off those devices that spend longer than necessary at standby; they can tell you which devices are switched completely off, or which are still connected; or by means of a simple app, can program the switching on and off of your electrical appliances.

At Endesa we don’t want you to perform all these tasks independently, and so we’ve developed the Nexus system, which will make your home smart.

This solution, which we’ve been working on for some time, and testing in several hundred Spanish homes, consists of several devices, interconnected by a concentrator which acts as the heart of the system and enables remote control of the equipment and household appliances in your homevia your telephone, tablet or PC.