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Tarifa Tempo Happy: it is time for happy moments

Published on March 23, 2017

We tell you what days and times you are consuming more electricity. You only have to choose 2 hours of each day, or one whole day a week, in which the electricity will be free. The rate that fits your consumption arrives.

We all have our happy moments. A nap on a Sunday, a few beers after work, a new episode of Game of Thrones... Special little pleasures that we wouldn’t swap.

Now happiness has come to your kilowatts-hour. With Endesa’s Tempo Happy Tariff you can change your highest energy consumption hours to happy hours = you won't pay a cent for those hours. Free. As easy as that.

Any queries? We will answer them.

2 hours a day or 1 day a week

Just as we all have our special moments; we also have energy consumption habits: using the dishwasher at night, the washing machine on Saturdays, doughnuts on Sundays...

Even so, we are all much more alike that we would think: statistics show that average household consumption in Spain ranges between 21 and 23 hours.

Bearing in mind these habits, Endesa has launched the Tempo Happy tariff: two hours per day or one day per week in which the kilowatt will cost 0 euros. You choose, depending on your habits and you can change your mind at any time.

When do you use the most energy?

The recipe for electrical happiness goes like this: work out when you are normally at home, when you need to plug in most devices, when your children come to eat… You need to work out when you consume the most energy.

If you are an Endesa customer and you have a smart meter installed, you will find full information in your Private Area for Customers. We will inform you whether or not your highest consumption times coincide with your happy moments.

  • Are you an Endesa customer but still haven’t accessed the Private Area? Register now!

Happy moments = kilowatts-hour completely free at the hours you choose.

A tariff to suit you

The rules are changing: you don’t have to adapt to a tariff; the tariff adapts to your needs. If your habits change, we will inform you so you can change the hours. Therefore, your happy tariff will always be synonymous with happiness.

If you don’t have a smart meter installed yet, don’t worry, you can still be happy. Your kWh consumption will be distributed according to average consumer profiles and the happy tariff will be applied during the hours or day you have chosen.

How much will I save with the Tempo Happy Tariff?

Happy savings: with a contracted power of 5.75 kW, a family of four members can save around 140 euros per year with the Tempo Happy tariff.

Obviously savings will depend on consumption… which in turn will depend on your habits, the efficiency of your electrical appliances, type of use, etc.

And what about the other hours? The Tempo Happy tariff is included in the fixed price category. In other words, you will always pay the same price for kWh.

And without a minimum-term contract.