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Thermal Social Voucher: What it consists of and who can get it

Published on December 3, 2019

Just as there has been a Social Voucher for electricity for years, a new law has established a similar aid for heating. The requirements to receive it are the same: low income levels or a large family.

The Law for Energy Transition incluye una serie de novedades que han generado grandes expectativas. These include the Thermal Social Voucher, an aid designed and regulated by the government to cover the spending on heating, hot water and cooking of families considered vulnerable.

We review every detail of this measure.

Who is entitled to the Thermal Social Voucher?

The requirements are exactly the same as those of the Electric Social Voucher. Basically, you have to fit into one of these 3 categories:

1. Low income level: below the limits that are updating and currently around 12,000 euros per year for the entire family unit.

2. Pensioner: you must be receiving the minimum pension.

3. Large Family: from three children.

These requirements have a number of nuances, so we recommend you consult them in detail at the following link:

How do I request the Social Thermal Voucher?

The procedure for applying for this help is exactly the same as for the electric Social Voucher.

In order to have the Thermal Social Voucher, you first have to be a beneficiary of the Electric Social Voucher. If they give you the Electric Social Voucher, you will also get the thermal one.

At the following link we explain how to start your application:

If you have already been granted the Electric Social Voucher, you will automatically be granted the Thermal Social Voucher.

What type of aid is offered?

While the Electric Social Voucher is a discount that is applied every month on the electric bill, its thermal aspect consists of a single annual payment.

Although it will not necessarily be the only way, this money will usually be entered into the current account in which the beneficiary has the electric bill address payment. It is supposed to be used to cover heating, hot water and kitchen expenses. It does not matter which system is used (gas, electric, diesel...).

The payment will be made during the first quarter of the year and in order to receive it, you will have to be included as a beneficiary of the Electric Social Voucher dated December 31st of the previous year.

The amount to be entered is decided by the Government each year and will increase or decrease depending on the degree of vulnerability of the family and the climatic zone where the residence is located.

Payment handling will be made by the Autonomous communities, although this winter (2018/2019) it will be uniquely commissioned by the Ministry. Electricity suppliers have nothing to do with the management of this support measure.

Electricity suppliers neither manage nor pay the cost of this aid. If you have any problems in receiving it, you need to call the phone 060.

The Thermal Social Voucher is a unique annual variable amount payment that will be made during the first quarter of the year.