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What you would recommend to your best friend

Published on June 19, 2017

If you still remember that “friend” who told you to follow the series “Lost” right to the end, don’t seek revenge. Show him or her that your recommendations really are worth following: make them see the light and earn 60 euros with Endesa’s “Illuminate a friend”.

Do you remember the person who convinced you to follow the series “Lost” up to the last episode, because that’s when you would find out “all the answers”? They’re probably still laughing, and you’ve done the right thing by blocking them from your WhatsApp.

Or last summer, when on the hottest day of the year your friend decided that what you both really needed was to climb a mountain. Several hours and three bottles of oxygen later it didn’t seem such a good idea.

When they promised you that that country hotel was “the ideal place to find yourself”. When they told you that it was worth booking a table at that restaurant because its flavours would make you “see things differently”. When they failed you because they didn’t know how to make a good recommendation.

All that doesn’t matter anymore. It’s water under the bridge, don’t seek revenge. They probably did it with the best of intentions (except in the case of “Lost”, that’s unforgiveable).

Now what you have to do is to show everybody that you know a good thing when you see it. People are at a loss and they don’t know what to do except complain. And it’s in your hands to make all those unbelievers see the light. You can light up your real friends and show them how to save on their electricity bill.

What you have to do

  • 1. Think of people that you care about, and whose lives you want to light up: friends, family… or just people you know and you’d like to surprise.
  • 2. Go to “Illuminate a friend” detail. Once you’ve registered, you can recommend to anyone you like the rates One Luz, Tempo Happy and One Gas. With a couple of clicks you can inform them by Facebook, WhatsApp or e-mail.
  • 3. For every friend that sees the light, you will receive 30 euros. For every friend that hire the gas, you will receive 30 euros more. Your friends will benefit from Endesa’s best prices. Or, if you prefer, you can show what a good friend you are by giving your €30 euros (for each tariff hired) to your friend… or by sharing it and having a beer to celebrate.

The friend that you light up must come from another electricity company, not Endesa… or from Endesa but on the regulated market. And of course, they have to make the contract via your recommendation link.

Friends or accomplices?

When the contract is confirmed by our technicians (this usually takes about a month), the money will be deposited in your Aklamio account, and from then on, you decide when to transfer it to your bank.

If you’ve been generous to your friend, they will also have to register so as to claim the commission.

The more you recommend, the more you can earn. How many friends have you got on Facebook? How many contacts have you got on WhatsApp? Multiply that and start making your own plans.