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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People

You control your life and now you control your bills too

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Discover Endesa’s new APP, all its features and how to download it so you can track your expenses anywhere and anytime.

In today’s world, it has been said that if you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist. Therefore, thanks to Endesa's commitment to good service, the company has jumped on board with mobile apps and designed an app for you to track how much you spend at all times from your fingertips, wherever you are.

Times change: Endesa does too

Not only banks and telephone companies could be at the forefront of new technologies, addressing social needs with their services. We saw how banks enabled customers to control their transactions from their fingertips, how you could buy tickets to the cinema from your smartphone, or how you could monitor your telephone bill throughout the month to avoid any last minute surprises.

If banks and telephone companies were looking after you, we were going to as well. We are offering you an app with which you can control all your billing processes for your electricity and your heating, for a smarter and more efficient consumption.

Endesa’s multifunctional APP

Endesa launches its new app for smartphones and tablets, which is totally free, extremely useful and very intuitive. You can download the app from your Android or iOS device, free of charge at any point, via Google Play and Apple Store, respectively.

With this new application offered by Endesa, the company is strengthening its relationships with customers. First we began with the página web, covering all the functions and processes that you used to carry out over the phone or in one of our branches, now you have an application via which you can communicate with us, submit any queries you may have and control all your contracted services no matter where you are and with the same reliability as you have from your desktop computer.

When you download the new Endesa customer app, you will be able to:

  • Check your bills associated to your electricity and gas contracts from anywhere. We all know about those nasty surprises we can have at the end of the month when we receive our bills, particularly if we have used more electricity than usual as a result of having guests staying or one of our electrical appliances has drastically increased our consumption. Then we get a big shock at the end of the month when we receive the bill.
    To prevent this from happening, now you will be able to track how much you consume and avoid unpleasant surprises, by knowing exactly how much you are using, during which time frame, per electrical appliance and with any contract changes you have made.
    This will enable you to monitor your consumption and decide which tariff best suits your needs depending on how much electricity or heating you use. It’s as easy as that. We want you to make smarter electricity and heating decisions.
  • Find Endesa’s nearest points of service and sales offices. Although we do everything we can to offer you our best service, either over the phone or via the website Endesa Clientes or via your new mobile application, there is nothing quite like a real person answering your queries and handling your claims.
    Therefore, with your new Endesa APP, you will be able to locate and visit your nearest Endesa office so that we can answer your queries concerning your electricity and/or gas contract, your expenses, how to use energy more efficiently, report a fault or mishap or, simply to ask for advice from one of our sales assistants.
    From informing you about the Kw/h price or how to pay your Endesa bill online, making smarter decisions about your energy use… we will answer any queries you may have. Your nearest office, at your fingertips.
  • Easily find telephone numbers for customer service, contracts or faults. As Endesa wants to make your life easier, if you find it too hard to make changes to your contract or you simply want to hear a human voice on the other end of your smartphone, we provide all the contact numbers you will need, which will direct you to a sales professional, a technician or the customer service department, based on your query.
  • You will be the first to receive product offers directly on your mobile. You will benefit from promotions, discounts, gas and electricity combinations and other offers, because we will send them straight to your smartphone and you will help us to be more sustainable with the environment by not using paper to send our product offers.
  • You will be able to download your Endesa bill. Exactly as you used to do with your online office.

A secure application to offer you the best service

Security is a classic issue when discussing online banking and purchases. At Endesa, for us your seguridad is as important as our determination to offer you the best service.

Therefore, we will ask you to identify yourself on each mobile device you use, with the same passwords as you use on “My Endesa”. We guarantee that all communications between your smartphone and our mobile application are duly encrypted and that all your details -not only your bank details, but your personal details and consumption details- fall under the same umbrella of data protection policies as those applied when you use our desktop version. So you don’t have to worry about anybody knowing about you and, of course, we never share your data with third parties.

You can download Endesa’s APP completely free of charge and you only need a mobile with download data or Wi-Fi connection to download it. Smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems can download the App.

If you have an Apple mobile, you can download it with the iOS 4.2 onwards. The iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C are valid. You can also download it if you have an iPad1, iPad2, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display or an iPad Air. For iPods, the iPod Touch and the iPod Touch fourth generation are valid.

If you have an Android phone, your device simply has to be version 2.2 or above. Could it be easier?