FAQ relating to bills

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  • FAQ relating to bills

FAQ relating to bills

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FAQ relating to bills

I never received my bill

If you haven’t received your bill, maybe it hasn’t been issued yet.

To find out if it’s been issued you should enter your Customer Area, where you will see a list with all your bills and the status of each.

The bill hasn’t been issued

  • You’ll have to wait until it’s issued. Depending on your contract, this will be once a month or once every two months.

The bill has already been issued

  • You have digital billing, and it’s on its way to your e-mail.
    You can find out whether you’ve got digital billing in your Customer Area, where you can also deactivate it if you wish.
    In this other section  you can check which e-mail address we’re sending your electronic bill to. 
  • We’ve got your details wrong.
    You can correct them in your Customer Area.
  • The contract isn’t activated.
    Only bills from activated contracts are issued. You can check the status of your contracts in this other section.


I do not agree with my bill

I don’t agree with the consumption billed

There are 3 main reasons that may explain your disagreement:

1) Excessive consumption

This may be explained by a seasonal peak (in summer, due to the air-conditioning, in winter, due to the heating).

It’s worthwhile checking your consumption at the same time last year. If you really think it’s due to a fault in your meter, on the form below , select as type “Complaint”, category “Measuring equipment or meter” and subject “Fault in the measuring equipment or meter”.

We will reply within 21 working days.

2) Estimated reading

When it hasn’t been possible to read your meter, an estimation is made.

If you don’t want to continue receiving estimated readings, inform us of the actual reading  of your meter.

3) Several months all billed at once

Under certain circumstances you may be billed once only for several months’ consumption.

When this happens, you can request to pay in instalments. On the form below, select as type “Request”, category “Payments to Endesa” and subject “Request for deferral of payment/payment by instalments”.

I don’t agree with the power contracted

To find out your contract power enter your Customer Area and select the contract whose power you want to know.

To find out what power we recommend for you, use our calculator.

If the problem is that you’ve requested a change of power and it doesn’t appear on your bill yet, it may be because:

A) You requested it after the billing period: don’t worry, the change of power will appear on your next bill.

B) You’ve requested a power greater than your distributor allows: you’ll probably need a new installation certificate. You can find further information via this link.

I don’t agree with the discounts applied

To find out what you have contracted (and the corresponding discounts), you should enter your Customer Area and select the contract you want to consult.

It’s possible that the discounts you were entitled to have expired. In that case, consult our updated catalogue of special offers to find the one that’s most suited to you.

I’m paying for maintenance that I haven’t contracted

To find out what you have contracted, you should enter your Customer Area and click on the contract you want to consult.


I have been charged and I do not know why

To find out the reason for the bank account debit, enter your Customer Area and you will see all the bills issued in your name.


I do not understand my bill

If you have any doubts about any item on your bill, via this link we explain all the details and where they come from.


I am not receiving digital bills

Check whether your digital bill is activated by entering your Customer Area

In this other section you can tell us which e-mail address you want us to send it to.


I am not receiving paper bills

Check that your digital bill has been deactivated by entering your Customer Area.

Check that your postal address is correct in this other section.


I've paid my bill, but it is still showing as pending payment

When you pay a bill at the bank counter or by bank transfer, it does not become effective until 3 working days afterwards.


I've received an email from Endesa asking me to download a bill

E-mails about new bills are always sent from the following address: factura@factura.endesaclientes.com.

But if you have unpaid bills and/or if we need to notify you the disconnection of your energy supply, we can communicate with you from other addresses, both email and SMS. 

Sometimes cybercriminals use Endesa’s name to send  false billing notifications. The best way to be immune to these attacks is to be registered in your Customer Area. From there you can see all your bills at any time, from any place and with absolute security. 


How do I make a complaint through the Consumer Arbitration System?

You can always claim against Endesa through this form. But if the resolution of this claim does not leave you satisfied, you can resort to the Consumer Arbitration System. It is a way to solve conflicts between companies and consumers without having to go to court and without having to pay anything.

Know MoreMore information about the arbitration system of consumption