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Passwords and Secure Connections

Passwords and Secure Connections

Passwords and Secure Connections

The incorrect use of passwords is a very common type of internet fraud.
In order to avoid the theft or use of your identity, never share your My Endesa access information. Your user name and password must be keep in strict confidence.

We also advise you to periodically change your password.
Endesa will never ask for your complete password by email.

Correct Use of your passwords in private areas

  • Periodically change your access information (username and password).
  • The appropriate length for a password is between 6 and 8 characters.
  • For better security, include a combination of numbers and letters, in both lowercase and uppercase.
  • The username and password should be different.
  • Do not use names or significant dates that could be guessed by third parties.
  • To minimise risk, use different passwords for each service type.
  • Never write down your passwords on paper.
  • Do not give out your passwords by email.
  • Protect your passwords when entering them to ensure that they are not seen.

Secure internet connections

Endesa recommends you to take the following precautions:
  • For your safety, do not use the Remember Password option.
  • Always check your last connection date.  If it is not familiar, change the username and password.
  • Sign out of the session when finished.

Use your computer in a way that is secure

  • Update your browser version.
  • Periodically eliminate cookies(1), as well as temp files.
  • Make backup copies and keep your operating system up to date.
  • Never share files with people you don’t know.
  • Periodically renew your password.

(1) A cookie is a piece of information that a data web server sends to your computer. It is used to store your interactions with the websites you visit, in order to remember settings and preferences, among other things.