Saving is like noughts and crosses

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Saving is like noughts and crosses

Saving is like noughts and crosses

Consejos para ahorrar en 3 fases ganadoras

This game is so simple that you can't lose. You are going to win; you are going to save on your electricity bill. All you need to do is choose the three right boxes and then gradually add up the euros that you are no longer going to spendAjusta la potencia como primer paso para ahorrar

Box number 1: ADJUST POWER

Your contract power may well be accounting for half of your bill. You might find yourself in the situation that you always pay the same, no matter what you do, and you can't seem to find a solution. We have the solution.


Ajustar la potencia como primer paso del ahorro
Has it ever occurred to you that your committed power on your contract is too high? Perhaps you don't need all those kW and you are wasting your money. Perhaps you could move down a notch in the number of kW and save 60 euros every year. Perhaps, perhaps...But how can you be sure?

You get money back on this first box: 5 euros a month for each power bracket

You can find this out using some simple tips. If you never “blow a fuse” then you probably have some leeway to lower your power; if the fuses go quite often then you are probably at about your limit. Potencia en las casas

But be careful when lowering your contract power; you don't want to have too little. You will pay less in your bill but the fuse will blow when you turn on the washing machine, the oven, etc. You also have to pay a fee for lowering your contract power and you can only do it once a year. It is not a decision to be taken lightly.
So don't just rely on hearsay - leave it to professionals. Use our customised assessment tool:
Los consejos de Endesa como segundo paso para ahorrar


Everyone has a trick for saving on electricity. The problem is that only some of them are true. The rest are often only rumours and urban legends, and are just a waste of time (and sometimes of money too). The important thing is to know which are true and which are not.

You can use this second box to learn what helps you save and what doesn't

Ajustar la potencia como primer paso del ahorro
We have worked with electricity for over 70 years. Nobody is better qualified to be able to answer these questions that people are so unsure about. Does an empty freezer use less electricity? When the clocks are turned back an hour, do we really save? Is a vitroceramic cooker less expensive than gas?

Find out how to really saveservicio

Digitaliza tu factura como el paso definitivo para ahorrar
Now you know the basics, it's time to move up a gear and start tweaking your electricity usage and how it changes on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.
You would be surprised to find out how much your electricity usage changes. Does it soar when you get home from work? Does it shoot up when you turn on the washing machine? Or is it your oven that pushes you over your budget? To find out the answer to these questions, all you need to do is go digital - a simple but life-changing step.

The third box gives you absolute power about saving and your consumption

Digtalízate para ahorrar

You will only be able to change your habits by finding out how you use electricity. Being digital gives you maximum control and guarantees you know all you need to know about your bill as soon as Endesa prepares it. You will be informed by email and mobile notifications before the direct debit goes through in your bank.


Get digital billsservicio

If you have made it this far, you are a winner. Congratulations!