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Consumer Arbitration System

What is the Consumer Arbitration System?

The Consumer Arbitration System is a public service to resolve conflicts between consumers and companies voluntarily, free of charge, and quickly, without having to go to ordinary courts.

What claims can be resolved through the Consumer Arbitration System?

Claims from domestic consumers presented by the contract holder, as long as:

  • They are related to the contract, invoicing, payment collection and/or service received from the supplier company.
  • The claim was previously submitted to Endesa’s Customer Service and no response was received within 1 month (or in the event of receiving a response which did not meet the customer’s expectations).

The following may not be subject to the Consumer Arbitration System:

  • Matters that depend on the distributor company: reading meters, extending the grid/granting access, inspection, supply quality (including its continuity or interruption) and possible damages caused by incidents in the electrical grid.
  • Matters for which there is already a firm and definitive court decision.
  • The matters in which, as per the valid legislation, the Public Prosecutor must act.

If desired, you can request arbitration for your claim through the following Arbitration Boards that Endesa belongs to: