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Consumer Arbitration System

Consumer Arbitration System

Consumer Arbitration System

The consumer arbitration system is a way of resolving conflicts by enabling consumers and the company to resolve any disputes that may arise without incurring costs and having to attend ordinary courts.
Endesa has established extrajudicial dispute resolution processes in the following autonomous communities: Andalusia, Aragon and Catalonia.
Which claims, submitted to Endesa , can be resolved via the arbitration system?
Any claims submitted by the titleholder of the contract, provided:
  • The claim is related to the contract, invoicing, payment and/or service provided by the reseller company. *In the case of Aragon: only those referring to the electricity supply and if the company is Endesa Energía XXI (Endesa’s reseller company, i.e., the one that offers the VPSC regulated tariff).)
  • The claim has been previously submitted to Endesa’s Customer Service department and has not received a response within a period of 1 month (or, the response has been received but the customer is not satisfied).
  • The maximum sum of the claim is €600. *In the case of Aragon, there is no limit.
The following matters cannot be submitted to the consumer arbitration system:
  • Issues dependent upon the distribution company: meter readings, network extension/concession of accesses, inspection, supply quality (including the continuity or interruption thereof) and possible damage caused by electricity network incidents.
  • Issues for which a final and non-appealable decision has already been issued.
  • Issues in which, pursuant to existing legislation, the Public Prosecution Service should intervene.
  • The sum of the claim exceeds €600. *In the case of Aragon, there is no limit (if it does not exceed €300, a single arbitrator shall be appointed; if it exceeds this sum, an arbitration panel).
If you wish, you may request an arbitration process for your claim: