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How to change my electricity or gas rate

Published on May 4, 2018

Energy prices depend on a number of factors and there are many options on the market. To get the best deal for your electricity and gas, you have to learn to change rates quickly just at the right time.

Every month you receive bills that you can't explain (in this respect we help you with your electricity bill).

Every month you have to pay and you always ask yourself: Isn't there a better price out there?

To answer this question the first thing you need to know is what you're paying for.

The power level is in kW, your consumption is in kWh

For both electricity and gas, your bills are divided into two parts:

Power: "The Fixed fee"

Power is measured in kW and could be compared to a fixed fee for being connected to the mains or to the natural gas pipe network.

It is a cost that is repeated month by month. You always pay the same and you pay even if you have not consumed anything, even if you have not been home.

You are free to change your power: If you sign a contract for more, the "fixed fee" will rise; If you sign for less, it'll go down. Changing your power level is a procedure that should not be taken lightly. We recommend that you read this information before modifying your power level.

Consumption: you pay for what you use

Consumption is measured in kWh and could be compared to your consumption of Internet on your mobile phone. Every kWh has a specific price and you just have to multiply that price by the total number of kWh you have consumed.

If you have not been at home very much, you will have spent very few kWh and the part of your bill that corresponds to the consumption will be very low.

Your consumption reflects how you behave: if you have had the heating on a lot or only a little (in the case of gas) or how much you have used the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher and in general all your lights at home (in the case of the electricity bill).

To save on your electricity and gas bills you have to cut down on what you pay for your consumption. And that can be achieved by finding a rate with a cheap kWh price.

The price per KWh

Every kWh you consume has a price that depends on the rate you have contracted.

There are expensive, normal and cheap rates. There are rates with variable prices: depending on what time of day you consume, the kWh can cost more or less. There are rates with fixed prices: whatever the time of day, you always pay the same for each kWh.

The important thing is to know that there are many different prices on the market, and that according to what you contract for, you will pay more or less in your bill.

To save on your bill, it is advisable to follow these 3 steps:

  • Make sure you have the power level you need: ideally, don't take on either too much (it'll be expensive) or too little (you'll be forced to increase it again).
  • Consume only the energy you need: in other words, avoid the attitudes typical of wasteful consumers.
  • Find the best price per kWh: points 1 and 2 above won't help you much if you have contracted for an expensive rate.

The best electricity and gas rates

What are the best rates on the market? The answer is: The rates that suit you best.

Your consumption profile is unique, and the ideal solution is to contract for a rate that suits your profile and offers cheap prices at times when you need them most.

At Endesa we have a wide range of electricity and gas rates so you can find what fits you the most.

As star features, we recommend:

Among all of the types of light bulbs that are available, LEDs are the ones that stand out from the rest.

How to change your light or gas rate

To change your light or gas rate you don't need to do any complicated paperwork. You don't have to pay anything either, it's totally free.

All you have to do is apply for another rate. That's all! The electricity company will take care of everything: you will be taken off your previous rate (and, if necessary, also from your previous contract) and you will be put on your new rate (and, if necessary, a new contract)

***Important note: all the above information applies to homes that already have electricity or gas connected. If you don't have electricity or gas already connected, you need to apply for a new connection. The information in the following link explains how to apply for a new electricity or gas connection.

You are free to change your electricity or gas rate whenever you want: it's fast, easy and free.