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Which electrical appliance uses the most electricity?

Published on April 3, 2017

The television, washing machine, refrigerator and other appliances in our home are responsible for more than 50% of electricity bills. Do you know which of these uses the most energy?

They are the energy-hungry appliances in our homes: 55% of the electricity spent by Spanish houses it is the "fault" of their electric appliances. Refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers... If you want to save electricity and be more efficient, electrical appliances should be your first target.

The best thing to do is to use electrical appliances with the highest possible energy efficiency rating, but if you are not in a position to change all your appliances, you should find out which devices are making your bill shoot up and start implementing energy saving measures.

Where should you start? These are the top 5 electrical appliances that use the most electricity:

5. Computer: less innocent than it seems

It may be hard to believe, but it accounts for 7.7% of your electric appliances' bill, according to details from the Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía (IDAE).

Some of the best energy saving tips for this essential electrical appliance include reducing the screen brightness, removing the screensaver (even if it is pretty) and switching off additional devices (i.e. the printer, the scanner, speakers…) And of course, switching it off when it is not being used.

4. Oven: clean and closed behaves better

If you are an avid cook, you should take careful note of the following point. Since this appliance uses 8.3% of your electric appliances' total consumption.

Do not open the oven door while it is in use, as each time you open the door the oven loses 20% of its accumulated energy. Likewise, as with everything in life, hygiene is very important. You should keep your oven grease-free. You can also switch your oven off before the end of the cooking time to make use of the appliance's residual heat.

3. Washing machine: control it with Happy Tariff

In a close battle for second place, washing machines use 11.8% of our electric appliances' energy.

To save energy with this electrical appliance, you should only use short programmes and set the temperature to a cold wash whenever possible. Furthermore, if your washing machine is not equipped with an adjustable load system, you should only use it when it is full and at a low or moderate temperature, since heating the water accounts for most of the energy used.

If you use it very often, subscribe to Endesa's Happy Tariff and wash your clothes during the hours that you choose to pay 0€ per kWh.

2. TV: the standby is killing you

One of the kings of the house: it uses 12% of your household's total electric appliances' consumption.

The most important way to save energy with this device is not to leave it on standby. You should always turn the television off completely because on standby it can use the same amount of energy as a computer in full use.

You should also remember that televisions with LED technology use 25% less energy than LCD televisions and up to 40% less than plasma screen TVs.

1. Refrigerator: 1/3 of your consumption

This is undoubtedly the "power king" in the home. Refrigerators are essential items in any property. And they know it! That is why they have no qualms about using up to 30.6% of the electricity in your home.

To avoid excessive consumption, it is important not to leave the refrigerator door open, as this greatly increases the amount of work the motor has to do and do not put hot food inside your fridge, as the effort it takes to cool the food down makes it use even more energy.

The most efficient refrigerators are those with a class A+++ rating, which consume up to 80% less than class D refrigerators. Over its normal service life, these savings prevent the emission of around a tonne and a half of CO2 into the atmosphere (not a minor detail) and wasteful spending of around 1,000 euros. What do you think? Not bad eh?

Take control of your consumption

These are some basic energy saving tips, but if you want to have full control, you should install a consumption meter, which will provide you with real-time information about your energy consumption.

And remember that, if you register in endesaclientes you will have all your consumption info, each hour of every day, being able to personalize alerts that will notifiy you when you consume too much. If you are already registered, you just have to go to your Customer Area.