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  • How to find the electricity tariff that really cares for you

How to find the electricity tariff that really cares for you

Published on February 13, 2018

Are you thinking of changing your electricity tariff and you don’t know which one to choose? There are plenty of fish in the sea: this is what you have to do to find your “other electricity half”.

Tariffs are changing. All of them. Mobile phone tariffs, website tariffs, prepaid TV tariffs, takeaway food tariffs... And it is not about you adapting to the tariff. The tariff must adapt to you.

Finding an electricity tariff that suits you can be like looking for love. Sometimes it just happens and sometimes it is impossible. It’s not me, it’s you. It’s not you, it’s your mother. It’s not us, it’s the system.

Ok, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but, which one should I choose? How much power should I have? How many kWh per year can I use? Hang on a minute: What is my tariff at the moment?

We can help you find the perfect energy partner.

Resolving preliminary issues

At the start of any new relationship, there can be teething problems, because of not knowing how to answer a few basic questions:

  • How much power should I have? In this post, you will find all you need to know about choosing the best power to suit your requirements.
  • How many kWh per year can I use? this is as easy to know as being an Endesa customer and registering on the website. If you are already registered, you simply have to access your Private Area with your username and password and check how much electricity you have used each year, each month, each day, or even each hour! We have all the information ready for you.
  • Which tariff do I have at the moment? to find out which tariff you have, you simply have to understand your electricity bill. It sounds difficult, but we only need 90 seconds of your time for you to see the light with this video.

The most digital romance: One Luz

Don't beat about the bush, you can't stand processes and you love queuing about as much as you like listening to the music they play on the phone when you are put on hold. You want things to be simple and fast, very fast. You want everything online.

If this sounds like you, One Luz is made for you.

It is so cheap that it doesn't have to confuse you with discounts. The tariff just gets to the point: 100% digital so you can carry out all your processes anytime and anywhere. No more talking to teleoperators, now everything works with a simple click.

And you don’t have to complicate life by thinking about when you use more or less energy, because the price is always the same.

No tricks, no minimum term commitment, no penalties.

A long-term one-night-fling: One Luz Nocturna

You identify with the One Luz profile, but you have one distinguishing feature: you come alive at night.

Therefore we have created One Luz Nocturna, a time restriction tariff that will enable you to use electricity without fretting during a time band that goes from 10pm to 12am (from 11pm to 1pm in the summer).

Those that are more active during the late hours of the day and all night long (young people), can benefit from all the advantages of One Luz Nocturna, which has the same advantages as One Luz, but also offers time restriction.

Love a la Carte: Happy

You know exactly how much energy you use, and you know when you use it. You know you hate having to adjust to a specific time band. You are you and your circumstances… and if your partner does not understand you, he/she can go back to where he/she came from.

Don't worry, the Tempo Happy allows you to choose 2 hours per day (or 1 entire day per week), in which the kWh you use are free.

Furthermore, you can change your mind and change these hours (or that day) whenever your circumstances change. This tariff listens to you, it understands you and if you are clever, (20% of your consumption during Happy hours), you are going to save every day of your lives.

And what about the other hours? Are they sad hours without any love? Not at all: there is less passion during these hours, but with a stable price and no nasty surprises.

And, as with all healthy relationships, there are no ties: no minimum term commitment.

It is worth getting on well with your electricity tariff: it is with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.