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What to do if your boiler breaks in the middle of winter

Published on January 21, 2019

The cold months are the worst time for the gas boiler to stop working. It could happen to you. If you learn to react, you'll save lots of money and get warmer faster.

Everything can break down with your gas heating. Not just the boiler, which you should periodically check, but the entire circuit that connects the boiler to each radiator (the pipes, valves, etc.).

Most commonly, the errors emerge precisely when you need your boiler most. Which is also known as: getting stuck without heating when it's coldest outside..

What can you do? We'll guide you through the process:

The most expensive option: urgently call a specialist

Unexpected boiler breakdowns are so common that the world is full of specialists that are available to go to your home at any time. In exchange for a high price, that is: just sending an emergency technician may cost you 100 euros if it is a holiday, in addition to the cost of transport and possible parts.

But it's not just a matter of price. It's also that if you're stuck without heating, you can go into panic mode and call the first number you find online. Who guarantees that that professional is competent? You don't want to put your boiler in the hands of just anyone.

The most dangerous option: try to fix it yourself

If it has crossed your mind, even if remotely, have one thing clear: don't do it. Under no circumstance. You aren't a professional and you’re not going to become one by watching a couple of tutorials on YouTube.

In the best of cases, you'll waste time and meanwhile, your home will continue to get cold. In the worst of cases, you'll put your entire installation and even your physical integrity at risk.

If you're thinking of calling a technician on a non-business day, it is estimated you'll pay at least 100 euros.

The wild card option: call the distributor?

Don't use it as a wild card option. Better use your head. It only makes sense to call the distributor when the problem is that the gas does not reach your home. That is, when there is a problem with the grid.

If you live in an apartment block and your neighbours also don't have heating, it's time to call the distributor. It will be a different company depending on where you live. For clarification, our interactive map tells you which telephone number to call when you have gas breakdowns.

The best option: live in peace

Don't go crazy looking for discount technicians on Google. There is only one way to resolve your breakdown quickly and without paying anything: subscribe to a gas maintenance service.

And when we say maintenance, we mean one that covers everything: all the repairs you need, the boiler, the heating circuit, the periodic checks, transport, hours of labour...

With OKGas you have all this. If your boiler breaks in the middle of winter, you just need to call the toll-free number 900 85 86 85. No matter what day or time it is. If your breakdown is urgent, a specialised technician accredited by Endesa will arrive at your house within 3 hours.

You won't pay anything additional for transport or the first 3 hours of labour. Normally, the breakdown can be resolved in those 3 hours. If not, you're not committed to anything because we'll give you a free quote in advance that you'll be able to accept or reject.

You pay OKGas as part of your Endesa gas bill. Take advantage of a 50% discount during the first year when subscribing online and sleep with peace of mind, knowing that it doesn't matter how many times the boiler breaks:

There is only one fast and economic way to resolve your breakdowns: by subscribing to a gas maintenance service.