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You could have a Swedish home

Published on May 12, 2017

Who cares if you are 3,000 km away! Your house can be just as smart and cosy as those in Stockholm. All you need to do is to discover the principles of elegant lighting.

Even if it is not sunny, homes can shine from within. This is how they do it in Scandinavian countries, where there are barely 7 hours of weak sunlight per day. The weather is not good either (fancy a stroll in below zero degrees?) This is why it is essential to have an efficient yet cosy house.

The 4 principles of elegant lighting

Scandinavian lighting is known for its white tones that provide purity and serenity to homes and their inhabitants. Like a blank canvas, white will help you start from scratch so you can have a bright, clean and orderly life.

1. Industrial style lamps

Metal/copper spotlights are part of the genuine Scandinavian style. If the industrial scene is not your style, you can give your home a more natural touch with wicker or bamboo.

2. Additional light sources

Small accessory lights, which may be strips of LED lights on furniture, an adjustable reading lamp or gorgeous lanterns and garlands.

3. Flexible lights and hanging lights

These are essential in Scandinavian homes. Instead of only using them in studios or work areas, they should be used to their full potential and be kept on the bedside table, on the kitchen worktop or even in the bathroom.

The beauty of suspended lights with exposed or visible bulbs lies with leaving a good section of the cable on view. If you can combine different coloured cables in the same room, you will have reached true Finnish designer status. These lights are great in bedrooms and in the lounge.

4. Wicker, wood and geometry

This lighting suits furniture made from natural materials (wood, wicker, fibres), organised around geometric elements and with touches of bright colours (a few picture or plants can help with this).

Bonus Tip: dining room tables are an essential part of Scandinavian décor. They need the right lighting.