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How to switch your house off when you go on holiday

Published on April 11, 2019

Whether you spend a few days in the mountains or on the beach, your electricity bill should not go with you.Even when you are not at home, many of your electrical appliances will still be consuming electricity.We will explain how to reduce your household’s energy use to a minimum while you are away.

Holidays should be enjoyed, whether it is just a short break away or a few weeks. If you manage to relax and have a good time, no matter how much you spend on your holidays it will be money well spent. However, the unnecessary expense generated in your home while you are away is something quite different. Yes, sometimes an empty house still uses electricity.

Some of the devices you leave plugged in continue to consume kWh and often present you with unpleasant surprises when you return. How come your electricity bill for the period in which you have been away is not equivalent to zero euros? Well, for a start, there is the fixed term, which is the contracted power that has to be paid regardless of how much electricity you use. How come your consumption for the days or weeks that you were away does not reflect zero consumption? Because your consumption was not 0 kWh. There are some bloodsucking electrical appliances that are robbing you of your euros. We will explain how to switch your house off properly before taking that well-earned break.

Give your refrigerator a break

You only have to take a look around your house to see how many electrical appliances are still working even when you are not in. The most important one of course is your refrigerator, which accounts for more than 30% of your household’s electricity consumption. It is an essential element and the one that consumes the most.

If you are going to be away for more than three days, you should take pity on your refrigerator and give it its own well-earned break. By disconnecting it you will achieve zero consumption, but remember you will lose all the food inside it. You must empty the refrigerator and leave the door open otherwise you will end up with a very smelly appliance with mould growing inside.

But very often, emptying it is a hassle.You should not worry if you have lots of food in your refrigerator; simply turn the thermostat to the highest setting possible. This will enable you to preserve the food and save around 6% energy consumption for every one degree increase.

Say goodbye to the electric boiler

If your hot water is heated by an electric boiler, by switching it off you can save up to 25% of your household’s consumption during your holidays. Furthermore, think about it… there is no point keeping the water hot if you are not going to be using it.

Standby, your worst enemy

Do you switch all the lights off in your house but leave the TV red standby light on? This is a completely unnecessary energy use. Remember these electrical appliances in standby mode account for between 7 and 11% of the total electricity consumed in a household during the entire year. You should always switch off your devices completely. Forget about standby mode, it is your worst energy saving enemy.

And remember, standby exists even if you cannot see a red light. Many electrical appliances still consume electricity even when they are switched off. For example, even if your computer is switched off, it will still consume energy while it is plugged in. The same applies to mobile phone chargers or air conditioning units. While they are plugged in, they will still be consuming electricity. Therefore, if in doubt, unplug all the electrical appliances in your home. You can do so easily by installing multi-socket adaptors with a switch.

Turn off the main electrical panel

If you are a super-saver, ideally you should turn off the electricity from the main electrical panel. By cutting off the supply of all the sub-circuits (=turning off the warning switches) you will prevent any devices that are plugged in from using electricity.

If you want to have full control of your household's consumption even when you are on holiday, you can register with endesaclientes (or if you have already registered, access your Private Area). You can then remotely spy on your consumption. You simply have to go online (from your computer or from your mobile/tablet after downloading the Endesa app) and you will be able to access full details of how much electricity your house is using every hour of every day. This will enable you to see if you have left any devices switched on and you will even be able to set up alerts to notify you via email (or via your mobile) when your consumption exceeds a specific kWh figure.

And course, remember to shut everything properly and don't forget anything...Happy holidays!