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Tell me how you use electricity and I will tell you who you are

Published on May 10, 2017

We have designed a game that includes a prize: discover how you use electricity to find out which profile matches yours. Are you an early riser or a workaholic? Are you a stay-at-home type or a night owl?

How to discover your consumption



Your consumption is roughly as follows and distributed in two blocks:

Morning profile consumption graph

You don’t even need an alarm clock to wake you up. You are not fond of lying in and you jump out of bed with the first rays of sun, like SpongeBob.

Your consumption is kept to a minimum from midnight until around seven in the morning, when you switch the bathroom light on and the TV and make breakfast.

This is when your household’s energy consumption peaks. And it remains there until you go out. Your days are full of activities and you don’t get back until around 6 pm, when your electricity use is moderate-low until you nod off to dream land.


Your consumption is also distributed into two blocks, but the times and intensity are different:

Your work absorbs you like Dwight Schrute in "The Office". You get up and within one hour you have showered and had a quick bite to eat. During the rest of the day, your electrical appliances are left alone (although they are still using electricity, particularly your refrigerator).

After a hard day’s work, you get home at around 9 pm. With just one signal from you, the lights and air conditioning come back to life. And so does your electricity consumption, which flies high until you go to bed. Tomorrow you have to get up early again.


Your consumption gently fluctuates throughout the day:

You love to be at home, like the characters from "Friends". Your perfect day is a rainy day, with a blanket, popcorn and a good film. Because, why go out when you have all you need at home? If you had your way, you would take you home with you wherever you went.

Your consumption wakes up with you. Once you are up, you busy yourself with activities throughout the day. From doing the washing or hoovering. Your consumption peak remains very stable, as you are accompanied by the warm lights of the TV and the computer throughout the day. Together with your mobile, your tablet, your gadgets… And of course, the air conditioning/heating depending on the time of year.


Your consumption goes up when the sun goes down:

You always thought you were half vampire, like Eric from "True Blood". Now you understand why you have never liked garlic, don’t you! You spend the entire day feeling tired, waiting for it to be time to go to bed, but when that time comes… you always have something better to do.

The evening is your natural habitat. Your greatest consumption is around midnight until three in the morning, when you have to have all the lights switched on together with the TV, the computer, the oven for that midnight feast…