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Three ways to save on electricity during Christmas

Published on December 20, 2018

Christmas time inundates cities with lights and homes with gifts. The tree, the manger, the lamb in the oven...You can enjoy all of this and save at the same time. We’ll explain how.

This Christmas, we don’t want you to deprive yourself of anything. Neither the tree, nor the gifts, nor the feast. You can have it all, but while spending less on your electricity bill.

Three direct pieces of advice that you can start to apply now:

LED lights on the tree and manger

LED lights allow you to illuminate better and spend up to 80% less on electricity. Use them for the tree, manger and other adornments.

They last longer and are safer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. In addition, they don’t have Tungsten or Mercury, so they are considerably more ecological.

More oven, less glass ceramics and more imagination

Food is one of the essential elements of our Christmas. Lamb, turkey, clams, sea bass...The list of recipes is long, with the oven and glass ceramics working nonstop for many hours.

The extra calories go to your belly, but the extra kilowatts go to your bill, and these home appliances are responsible for significant peaks in your consumption.

The savings solution is three-fold:

  1. hink of dishes that can be served cold: it’s not that hard. Cold cuts, foie gras canapes or crab, pickles, salads…
  2. Limit the use of glass ceramics: they tend to consume more electricity than the oven.
  3. Use the oven wisely: for example, by cooking several plates at the same time.

Give savings tools as a gift

Whether it is for Three Kings’ Day or Christmas, there are many gifts that will serve to reduce what you spend and much more:

  • Thermostat tap: water is most used as we wait for it to get hot. Thermostat taps allow achieving the adequate temperature in less time and thus avoiding waste.
  • Timer: in addition to timing how long the cake has been in the oven to prevent it from burning, we can know exactly how many minutes we’ve had the oven turned on. Not one more, not one less.
  • Virtual voice assistant: they are the latest generation of technological gadgets and among many other things, they can advise you so that you optimize your energy consumption.

By replacing traditional light bulbs with LED lights, you’ll be able to save up to 80% on electrical expenses for your Christmas lighting.