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The smart house will save you energy (and money)

Published on December 24, 2018

The space between the past and the future is small and you are living in that moment. It is called the present and, among other things, it involves making objects smart that up until now told you nothing.

In the past, your house could not talk. In the past, speakers were only used to listen to music. In the past electricity bills were delivered by the post man.

Everything is changing quickly. Previously in order to save energy you had to sift through paperwork and make complex calculations with kilowatts.

With the result you calculated you had to draw conclusions to make savings. And later you'd wait one or two months to see if you had made the right decision and started to save.

Welcome to the present.

Your house is now smart

After so many years of talk of automated, self-sufficient, self-managing homes… it seemed like the idea would be consigned to science fiction along with flying cars.

Nothing could be further from reality. The revolution has begun and all of the elements of your house have started to become interconnected thanks to various virtual assistants.

To understand it better, the first thing you should take on board is that a speaker is no longer used for music alone. Now it listens and responds to you.

No more waiting for months to find out how much you use

Your house needs energy to run: electricity, heat, cooking, screens, appliances, etc. In the past you had to wait until the bill arrived through the post. Now you can ind out how much you are using at any given time, check it whenever and wherever you want.

All you need to do is sign up at Endesa Customers. Once registered, you will be able to check your consumption in your Private Area, which you can access from any device with an internet connection (and use the Endesa Customers app on your mobile).

Make real-time savings

This new technology allows for multiple ways to save energy. The future is fast approaching and more options will soon be available to you.

But there's no need to dream. You can already enjoy using some existing techniques:

  • 1. Know why you use what you use: in the past you had a total in kWh and a total in euros, and little more. Now you have an hourly and daily breakdown. Your bills are no longer a mystery.
  • 2. Find a better tariff: because you know more, you require more from your tariff. You need an à la carte tariff like Tempo Happy, which allows you to choose two hours a day (or one day a week) in which you do not pay for your electricity consumption. Alternatively, have peace of mind and opt to have the 50 hours of the month in which you consume the most free.
  • 3. Optimise your consumption: once you have point 1 and point 2, 3 is the logical conclusion. You will consume more when it suits you best. You will be more efficient. You will save energy, time and money.

If you don't yet know how much energy you use at any given time, you are living in the past. If you don't yet have a tariff that adapts to your consumption, you are wasting money.