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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People

Playlist of electrical songs

Published on December 14, 2018

Electricity literally moves the world. And although not always in the literal sense, electricity is present in some generational hymns. Put your headphones on and press play.

She’s electric (Oasis)

The UK band sang “She’s electric” because Liam Gallagher was in love with an electric girl and wondered if he too could be electric. The theme formed part of its second album ‘(What's the Story) Morning Glory?’, published in 1995.

Recently, and to celebrate the 23 years of the song, Oasis published a lyric video with 90s aesthetic on their YouTube channel:

Electrical storm (U2)

This song is found on U2’s second compilation album, ‘The Best of 1990-2000’. It was one of the new tracks the Irish band wrote for this record and it was also the only single.

The protagonists are two lovers who are always quarrelling, who need a storm. “Tengo la esperanza segura de que el tiempo cambiara pronto (Sure hope the weather will break soon). El aire es pesado, pesado como camión (The air is heavy, heavy as a truck). Necesitamos la lluvia para lavar nuestra mala suerte (Need the rain to wash away our bad luck"), Bono sings

High voltage (AC/DC)

The Australian band rose to global acclaim with the release of their record ‘High Voltage’. The song that gave the album its name was the single chosen to make themselves known in Europe.

Electricity fills every stadium where they play as it is a fixed item on their playlist:

Qué electricidad (‘What electricity’, Carlos Sadness)

The Catalan singer and composer professes a certain love of the electrical world. have lightning bolts or light as protagonists. In this track from his second studio album, ‘La idea salvaje’ (“The wild idea”), he compares the connection he has with his partner with high tension:

Electric feel (The MGMT)

The American group included this on their debut record titled “Oracular Spectacular” (2007). This psychedelic rock band’s single also has an electric girl as protagonist.

The video clip was nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards 2008 in the best art direction category: