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  • How much power do I need in my house?

    Upgrading the power supply in your home may be an unnecessary expense, but if your power supply is too low, you may not be able to carry out everyday activities as normal. Beware of requesting a change of power supply without the help of an expert.

  • How to switch your house off when you go on holiday

    Whether you spend a few days in the mountains or on the beach, your electricity bill should not go with you. Even when you are not at home, many of your electrical appliances will still be consuming electricity. We explain how to reduce your consumption.

  • Phantom consumption costs you 5 euros per month

    Leaving the electronic devices you're not using plugged in is a waste of energy that can cost you up to 64 euros per year.

  • I moved: what can I do about the electricity?

    When finally you make the decision to leave the family home and to go and live on your own in a flat, doubts start to crop up. One of them might be how to go about contracting electricity. Don’t worry, it’s a simple process, and we’ll tell you how to do i

  • Why does the electricity bill go up?

    How are electricity prices set, why are there sudden increases and what can you do to avoid your bill being affected.