All you need to know about the new electricity billing per hour system.

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How am I being billed for electricity?

All you need to know about the new electricity billing per hour system.

Endesa will explain all you need to know about the government's regulation concerning hourly billing.

With this system you will be billed according to:

Your real consumption each hour

The price of electricity for that hour

The real hourly consumption is provided by the smart meters integrated into the Remote Management system.

How will I know if my smart meter is integrated? You can find out here.

The prices of electricity per day and per hour are available the day before from 20:15h on the Red Eléctrica de España (REE) (Spanish Transmission System Operator) website, You can also check the prices from previous days.

With the billing by hour system you will pay a different price depending on the electricity consumed each hour.


You will be billed according to this system if:

You have a smart meter installed in your home and integrated into the remote management system

These new meters read the exact consumption details for each hour and these are sent to us automatically.

Know more about the smart meters
If you have a contract with an Authorised Distributer

i.e., if you have contracted the tariff VPSC (Voluntary Price for Small Consumers), with a power lower than 10kW or the TUR (Last Resort Tariff) with Social Rate.

Know more about VPSC

If you have the tariff VPSC but you still do not have a smart meter or it is not integrated into the remote management system, you will continue to be billed as normal.

If you have any queries you can find more information here.

Endesa (via its Reference Reseller Company, Endesa Energía XXI) will send you a letter informing you of the change, together with your first bill sent according to this new billing system.

Furthermore, the first page of your bill will tell you that you have a smart meter and that you are being billed according to your real hourly consumption.

From now on you will be able to see your real electricity consumption patterns and the price thereof.
In other words, you will see your exact consumption every hour and the price of the kWh at that time.

All this information will enable you to adjust your consumption habits, insofar as possible, to consume more electricity in the hours in which electricity is cheaper.

  • You can contract an Open Market tariff and enjoy all the benefits it offers:

    • Prices that are known in advance and that remain stable for at least one year.
    • More competitive prices..
    • You can enjoy additional products and services adapted to your needs.
    • No minimum commitment period or penalties.

    see catalogservicio


  • You can also contract the Fixed Annual Price with your Reference Reseller Company, which will apply a fixed price that is established beforehand. Once this has been contracted, it does involve a minimum commitment period of 12 months.


How to check your consumptionselector