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OKLuz Negocios

What is OKLuz Business?

OKLuz Business is a service for businesses that includes a periodic annual check of the electrical installation and a repair service with unlimited assistance, with travel time and the first 3 hours of labour free. It also includes an initial diagnosis of the electrical installation to identify and evaluate its status.

The objective of the OKLuz Business maintenance and repair service is to safeguard your business's electrical installation to ensure that it is always in top condition.

It prolongs the life of equipment and makes sure that installations are as safe as the first day, reducing failures by 1/3 of the normal rate.

It includes remote computer assistance, legal advice and legal assistance by telephone, administrative management advice and access to a network of lawyers and agents.


Why should I sign up for this service?

Because other similar services from other companies cover only repairs, and not maintenance. Endesa takes care of everything.

Because you can pay in easy quotas on your electricity bill, with a 50% discount during the first year.

Because you'll have an Endesa Grid professional and rigorous internal controls, both for the quality of service and for the satisfaction of our Customers.

Because you'll avoid costs for labour and transportation, for up to 3 hours (parts charged to Customer) in the case that a repair is necessary. Unlimited repairs.

Because you have the option to select the Air mode, so that your Air Conditioning equipment is in perfect conditions and in compliance with the RITE.

Because you'll have service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Because you'll have flexibility in arranging the time of the visit.

Because you'll have installation remodelling service with a free, no commitment quote given before work is done.

In exceptional circumstances, if the repair time exceeds 3 hours we promise to provide a free prior quote for any repairs.


What is the yearly Periodic Check?

These are annual preventative visits to check the state, the safety and the correct functioning of the business's individual electrical installation, to avoid future problems and increase the installation's safety. The Air modality of this service complies with the RITE.

The cost of the aforementioned check, as well as travel time to carry out the check, are included in the OKElectricity Businesses service.


Who can sign up for the OKElectricity Businesses service?

The OKElectricity Businesses service is for small businesses (not homes or Communities of Home Owners) whose electrical and/or climate control installation is under individual single-phase or tri-phase electrical supply, with an individual meter for the electricity supply and a ICP (Power Control Switch) or maximeter installed, with with a contracted capacity of up to 50kW.

Businesses with climate control installations with capacity of less than 25 thermal kW can also sign up for the service.

Installations and their components must comply with applicable regulations and be accessible.


How long does the contract last for?

The contract duration is one year, and it will be automatically renewed on an annual basis. However, both the customer and Endesa can terminate the contract via written communication, with a minimum of one month's notice prior to the expiration date. In the case that the contract is terminated by the customer before the one year period has come to an end, the pending quotas must be paid through the contract's completion.

The OkElectricity Businesses Air modality will not be renewed when it is detected that one of the units is not accessible or that, having been modified, they do not meet the required contracting demands.


When is it possible to make use of the contracted maintenance service?

For customers that sign up for the OKElectricity Businesses service independently of the electricity supply, the contract will become "active" almost immediately. Repairs will not be made without a prior maintenance visit.

In the case that sign up is carried out at the same time as the electricity supply, the OKElectricity businesses service contract will not go into effect until the electricity supply contract has been activated, following acceptance on part of the Distributing Company (approximate timeframe of less than 1 month).


How long does the discount last for?

The 50% discount on the service quota lasts for one year from the contract start date.


How can I sign up for the OKElectricity Businesses service?

Signing up for this service is very simple. Once you fill out the contracting form, the contract will become "active" almost immediately. Endesa will send you a Welcome Pack with all of the information you need to start enjoying the service.

In the case that sign up is carried out at the same time as the electricity supply, the OKElectricity service contract will not go into effect until the electricity supply contract has been activated, following acceptance on part of the Distributing Company (approximate timeframe of less than 1 month).


Do I also need to sign up for the electricity supply?

Not necessary. You can sign up for the OKElectricity businesses maintenance service without jointly signing up for an electricity supply, and you will receive OKElectricity businesses bills that are separate from your electricity bills. However, by signing up for an electricity supply you can benefit from the discounts and rates of our ONE Electricity Rate. 


What is OKElectricity Businesses?

If you are also signed up for an electrical supply with Endesa Energy (EE), the OKElectricity Businesses service will be billed on the electricity bill, bi-monthly/monthly, according to your billing cycle, or annually. If you are not signed up for electricity supply with EE, you must expressly indicate one of the two previous payment methods and the service will be billed independently.

There are three payment methods:

1. MONTHLY PAYMENT in 12 payments per year.
2. BI-MONTHLY PAYMENT in 6 payments per year.
3. ANNUAL PAYMENT in a single annual payment.


What happens if I terminate the electricity contract?

If you cancel an electricity supply contract, whether you have contracted the maintenance service with a joint billing system or the independent billing system, the maintenance contract will continue active until you have expressly requested the cancellation. For joint billing systems, once the electricity contract has been cancelled, you will be billed for the maintenance service separately.


I am signed up for another maintenance service, can I contract Endesa's OKElectricity Businesses service?

Yes, you can sign up for Endesa's OKElectricity Businesses service. We recommend that once you have requested contracting of the OKElectricity Businesses service, you expressly request that your current company cancel the maintenance service that you are signed up for.
It is important to keep in mind the time remaining to end the contract year for the maintenance service you are currently signed up for.