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What are the reconnection charges once the supply has been cut off through non-payment of bills?

Reconnection costs for electricity and gas are approximately double the connection costs paid when registering for the supply.

Electricity reconnection charges vary according to the voltage and gas reconnection costs are different depending on the Autonomous Regions..

As a guide, we have outlined the reconnection charges below:


Electricity reconnection charges:

Voltage Connection Charges Reconnection charges after being cut off +VAT
Low Voltage 9,04476 18,08952 21,3456336
High Voltage Up to 36 kV 79,49197 158,98394 187,601049
High Voltage 36 > 72,5 kV 266,957067 533,914134 630,018678
High Voltage over 72,5 kV 374,542485 749,08497 883,920265

Gas reconnection charges:

Andalusia 26,57 53,14
Aragon 51,99 103,98
Principality of Asturias 83,97 166,74
Balearic Islands 72,52 145,04
Canary Islands - -
Cantabria 23,08 46,16
Castilla-La Mancha 59 118
Castilla y León 50,11 100,22
Catalonia 49,3 98,6
Extremadura 55,57 111,14
Galicia 45,44 90,88
La Rioja 68,69 137,38
Community of Madrid 60,44 120,91
Region of Murcia 62,08 124,16
Foral Community of Navarre 67,52 135,04
Basque Country 77,07 154,14
Valencian Community 75,11 150,22
Ceuta - -
Melilla - -

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