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My meter isn’t digital, can I still switch to the Tempo Happy tariff?


In order to contract the Tempo Happy tariff you’ll need a smart meter that can take hourly readings because they measure what you’ve consumed every hour of the day and enable us to charge you nothing for the two hours or day you’ve chosen.
Your meter will be replaced before 2019.
In the meantime, you can contract any of our other tariffs that don’t need hourly readings such as Tempo Siempre Ganas, Tempo Nocturna and One, and then you’ll be able to switch to Happy once your meter has been replaced.
Call us if you don’t know whether you have a smart meter that can take hourly readings and we’ll let you know, even if your current contract is with another supplier.
If your installation is converted to the remote meter whilst you are already under contract with the Happy Time Tariff, we will notify you so that you can change your Happy hours, if you so wish.
As an alternative and until you have a remote meter, you might be interested in contracting another tariff, such as One, One Nocturna (Night One), Tempo Siempre Ganas (Always Up for It Time), Tempo Nocturna (Night Time), etc., and you could then transfer to a Happy Time Tariff when you have the remote meter installed. By 2019 virtually all consumers will have the remote meter installed.

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