Tempo Weekend tariff

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Tempo Weekend tariff

What are the advantages of the Tempo Weekend Tariff?

You will enjoy an indefinite 15% discount on your bill’s energy component during the Tempo hours corresponding to this tariff.. (Between 24:00h and 08:00h from Monday to Friday and all day at the weekend). These discounts are applied to Endesa’s reference prices (prices whose regulated components are updated in line with the CPI every 1st January).

If the same address also has a contract for gas or a maintenance service you will also get a a 5% discount on your bill’s power component and on additional consumption for 1 year .


What are the Tempo hours in the Tempo Weekend Tariff?

Tempo hours: from 24:00h to 8:00h from Monday to Friday and all day at the weekend.

Monday - Friday Weekend


Who can switch to a Tempo Weekend Tariff contract?

The Tempo Weekend Tariff is open to anyone whose supply has a remotely managed meter and whose access tariff is 2.0DHA or 2.1DHA.

In order to identify your consumption for each period and correctly apply the tariff discounts you must have a meter that allows your consumption to be broken down into different time periods. If you do not have this type of meter we will apply the hourly distribution published by Red Eléctrica de España (the distribution company in charge of the Spanish electricity grid), until your distribution company allows the remote management of your meter.


Is there any advantage in changing to Tempo Weekend Tariff if I am already on a different time restriction tariff?

If you currently have a time restriction tariff and your consumption is concentrated in the Tempo hours covered by this tariff we would recommend that you change, as you will receive greater discounts and incur less risk than with your current time restriction tariff.


How does Endesa know how much I consume during the Tempo hours?

The remotely managed meters allow an hourly breakdown of consumption, the distribution company informs the commercial electricity company of the hourly consumption and we are therefore able to bill our customers in relation to the different prices and periods. So, once you sign up for this tariff, and if your meter is remotely managed, there is no need for the electricity distribution company to do anything to your meter.


How much does it cost for the meter to be reprogrammed?

If it is necessary to change to an access tariff the cost is 9.04€ +taxes. This cost is officially regulated and is called the “Connection Charge”. You do not have to pay anything to the operative that does the work; the cost will be reflected in your electricity bill. It is worth making the change as the savings you make with the new rate easily cover the cost. But also, unusually, as part of this campaign Endesa will return this amount in your first or second Tempo Weekend bill.


Where does my bill show how much I have consumed during Tempo hours?

The bill will have a specific section showing your consumption for each of the periods.


What if I want to change to another tariff?

If you change to another 2.0DHA time restriction tariff (previously called Nocturnal), you do not have to change anything with your meter and it does not involve any cost, whether you are with Endesa or another company. If you do want to change to another time restriction tariff (2.0A) or Super Off-Peak (2.0DHS), you will have to pay the connection charges. In this case, they will not be refunded by Endesa as it does not form part of this campaign. However, when you try this tariff you will not want to change as you will see the benefits.