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Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling

Walls, floors and ceilings can turn surroundings into a large energy storage area. This occurs particularly in buildings.
Here we give you a series of ways to help you to save energy consumption in your business:
  • By installing an air conditioner with a heat pump it is possible to heat and winter and cool in summer, with a low demand on energy.  
  • Ecological or bioclimatic buildings are sustainable buildings constructed with natural materials, and are self-supplied with renewable energy. Your energy consumption is minimal. Let us tell you about some of their features:


    • The building must take the local climate into account and make maximum advantage of sunlight and daytime heat with correct alignment and distribution. One of the ways to take maximum advantage of sun light is to open large windows in the walls and direct these windows such that during the winter they capture as much heat as possible. With the use of wooden shutters and linen canopies, the heat can be reduced during the summer.
    • The use of underground ventilation systems or green coverings on façades are other alternatives to keep the climate cool in the office.
    • Use of materials with high energy conductivity.
    • Improvements in insulation to ensure that energy can be moved with ease.