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Your Bill in Detail

Your Bill in Detail

Explicación de facturas. La siguiente sección proporciona información relativa a las facturas. Se compone de cada página de la factura con las diferentes areas que la constituyen. Al seleccionar un elemento del papa, bien mediante el ratón o bien mediante teclado, se le redirecionará a una explicación más detallada del punto dentro de la misma página.

The gas bill can be hard to understand. In this section we thus explain the Endesa bill in detail, item by item.

  • Resumen de la factura Datos del cliente Datos de pago Canales de atención Consumo gas Facturación Ofertas personalizadas
    Modelo de factura
  • Detalle de tu factura Información facturación ATR (Accesos a Terceros a la Red) Información de Interés
    Modelo de factura

Acordeon desplegable con detalle de cada punto de la factura.

1Bill summary

Shows the main information that you need to know in order to make any inquiry regarding this bill.

  • Bill Number: The financial identification number of the specific bill.

  • Reference: The bill code, consisting of your contract number, followed by a sequential of the corresponding bill number.

  • Bill Date: The day on which the bill was issued.

  • Billing Period: The time interval used to bill consumption.

On the header you can clearly see if it is an electricity or a gas bill.

2Client data

Includes basic information to identify the customer and the electricity supply contract.

  • Name, CIF or NIF and supply address. These are the personal details that identify the contract-holder and the address of the supply.

  • CUPS – Universal Supply Point Code: A unique code that identifies the energy supply point. It begins with the sequence "ES", followed be another 20 characters, numbers or letters.

  • Contract Number: Your contract number with Endesa. This number will be requested for any query with Endesa.

  • Meter Number: The identification number that the Distributing Company uses to measure energy consumed.

3Payment Details

This section specifies the total amount to be paid and the payment method.

If you do not have direct debit set up, you can make your payment in our collaborating agencies (BBVA and Servicaixa, Banesto, Santander, Bankia, Cajasol, Barclays, Popular, Sa Nostra, Cajacanarias Service Offices and Post Offices), with a card through and through our Customer Service Telephone. Remember to give us the bar code appearing on your bill.

In the case that the electricity payment is set up for direct deposit, detail is given of:

  • Charge date. Date upon which your account will be debited. The payment collection date is one week after the bill issue date.

  • Bank Account. Number of the bank account to which the bill will be charged. Note that for security reasons the final four digits are never displayed.

  • IBAN: The only identifier for any payment account, replacing current identifiers for national accounts (the CCC in the case of Spain).

  • Name of the bank where the direct debit to pay your bill is set up.

We´ll always inform you of the name of the product and, of course, the total amount to be paid (taxes included)

4Service channels

In order to make any type of consultation regarding your contract or bill, make sure to have the contract number that appears on your bill on hand.

5Gas Consumption

This shows the current reading and the previous reading of your meter. It also includes a bar graph with your consumption history for the given dates, so that you can quickly compare your consumption with previous dates.


Summary of the different concepts that make up your bill:

  • Product: The name of the product/rate you have contracted.

  • Capacity: The maximum quantity of energy contracted by the customer based on the characteristics of the electric installation and the use of electrical appliances in the customer's home. This power indicates the maximum consumption in one hour, multiplied by 24 to obtain the maximum daily consumption.

The capacity price is fixed based on the capacity you contract and is independent of your energy consumption.

Si lo deseas, puedes calcular la potencia que necesitas contratar utilizando nuestra Calculadora de potencia.

The capacity contracted is expressed in kilowatts.

  • Consumption: The total amount you pay for the energy you consume. Obtained by multiplying the consumption for the period by the kWh price.

  • Capacity: Total amount you pay for the capacity contracted. Calculated by multiplying the capacity contracted (kW) by the number of days of the bill and by the price of kW/day.

  • % Discount Fixed Term or Energy Term: Shows the percentage of discount and the base to which it should be applied, according to the product you have contracted with the Marketing Company.

  • Electricity Tax: A special tax set by the Ministry of Industry.

  • Equipment Rental: Reflects the cost of the measurement and control equipment with the Distributing Company. It is obtained by multiplying the number of days in the billing period by the price of rental per day.

  • VAT: Value Added Tax.

  • GICIT: General Indirect Canary Islands Tax (in Spanish, Impuesto General Indirecto Canario). Applies in the Canary Islands Regional Community instead of VAT.

  • Bill Total: The total amount to pay including the corresponding taxes. In section 3 you'll also find payment information.

7Personalized and exclusive offers for you

Your bill may include one or more sheets of personalized and exclusive advertising for you. They will differ depending on the different promotions Endesa in effect at the time of issuing the invoice.

8Bill Details

In this section we show you how we have calculated each of the items that appear in the billing section.

9Information on ATR (Third Party Grid Access) Billing

This is information regarding the cost the Marketing Company pays to the Distributing Company for access tariffs.

  • The amount paid for the capacity term is obtained by multiplying the capacity contracted by the capacity term price published in the Official Gazette (BOE).

  • The amount paid for the energy term is obtained by multiplying period consumption by the energy price published in the Official Gazette (BOE).

10Information of Interest
  • Information about your product

  • Includes relevant information about the product contracted.

  • More personalized offer and information of interest to you.