How can you check your electricity consumption?

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How can you check your electricity consumption?

Endesa provides you with full information about your electricity consumption. If you are a VPSC customer with a billing per hour system, you can check your real electricity consumption and the price thereof at Mi Endesa.

Through the electronic bill

If you have activated the electronic billing system, you will receive an email with a "new bill notice" which includes a chart with your consumption per hour, indicating how much you have consumed in lower cost hours and in higher cost hours. If you have not activated the electronic billing system yet, you can do it now.

Activate now

From this email, if you click on the button View consumption, you will access a page where you will see the full details of your consumption each hour of the day.

You can also view your consumption:

From My Endesa

By accessing the registered area of My Endesa, on the My contracts tab and by clicking on the link View consumption. You can also view it from the My contracts and My bills tabs.

Register at Endesaselector

Accessing our APP

By accessing our App EndesaCustomers, where you will find a new section on the menu called My consumption, where you can check all the details.

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