How to know whether you pay for your electricity on the free or regulated market

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How to know whether you pay for your electricity on the free or regulated market


Consejos de ahorro de energía en el hogar


There are two main ways of paying for electricity: on the free market or on the regulated market. We explain how to tell from your bill if you’re on one or the other.

Around half of Spanish households are on the regulated electricity market and the other half are on the free market.

The regulated market only offers the Voluntary Small Consumer Price (PVPC) tariff, which varies hourly according to energy supply and demand.

The free market offers hundreds of different tariffs tailored to your consumption profile.

In this document, we explain in detail why these two markets exist and what it all means.

We suggest you take a look at one of your bills to find out how to distinguish whether you’re on the free or regulated market.

Which market are you on?

Finding out is as easy as getting hold of one of your electricity bills and looking at the top of the first page.

If it says this, you’re on the free market:


The free market offers a number of major advantages for those in the know. While there’s only one tariff (PVPC) on the regulated market with energy prices changing hourly, there’s a range of options on the free market.

On the regulated market, the price you pay will vary according to fluctuations in supply and demand: there’s no way of knowing what price per kWh you’ll pay each month because in just a single month each kWh will have 24 different prices every day.

On the free market, the kWh price is set on your contract under conditions that remain the same all year. There are tariffs at a fixed price with no surprises. There are tariffs offering free electricity at the times you choose. You don’t have to adapt to the market because the market adapts to you.

On the other hand, if your bill says this, you’re on the regulated market:


You can also access your Private Area (enter your user name and password if you aren’t already logged in): if the name of your product (=contract) includes the letters PVPC, you’re on the regulated market; if it doesn’t say PVPC anywhere, you’re on the free market.