The 4 energy-saving elements

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The 4 energy-saving elements

Consejos de ahorro de energía en el hogar

The secret to reducing your energy bills is not down to just one element. There are four additional levers that will multiply your efforts. Combining these elements can save you more than 200 euros per year.

los 4 elementos del ahorro

    The power term is the fixed term that has to be paid for being connected to the electricity grid. You pay this regardless of your consumption, even when you go on holiday, even if you do not switch on a single light. But not everybody pays the same. You can choose to contract more or less kW:

    • The more kW of power you contract, the more you pay
    • The more devices you have working at once (air conditioner, electric heating, dishwasher, oven…), the more kW you need
    Con la tarifa regulada PVPC es imposible saber cuánto te va a costar el kWh

    One in four homes does not even know their contracted power according to the Household Panel of the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC). And even if you do know, how can you be sure that you should lower it?

    If there is a margin to lower your contracted power, you can save over 60 euros per year

    Contracting more power than you need means you will be paying more than you should be, but having too little power means “that you will blow the fuse” each time you use the washing machine and air conditioner at the same time, for example.

    Furthermore, changing your contracted power entails an associated cost and you can only change it once a year. You need to think carefully before making the decision.

    Potencia en las casas
    Endesa has the solution. We have a tool that informs you whether it is worth activating this saving lever. In the majority of Spanish homes, lowering the contracted power bracket, accounts for savings of around 5 euros per month.

    Element 1: activate your saving leversservicio

    *"My Savings" tool is located at the bottom of "My Consumption" screen

  • Bono social


    This special tariff offers a discount of around 20% off your bill. This will save you around 11 euros per month (according to the average billing details of the CNMC).

    In order to qualify for the Social Rate, you must fulfil some of these conditions:

    • Contracted power of less than 3 kW.
    • Large family.
    • All the members of the family are unemployed.
    • Pensioner over the age of 60 with a minimum pension, permanent disability or widower’s pension.

    If you are entitled to the Social Rate, you will save over 130 euros per year

    Element 2: activate your saving leversservicio

    *"My Savings" tool is located at the bottom of "My Consumption" screen

    Cambiar hábitos

    If you want to change the world, start with yourself. And start with your electricity bill. It is in your hands if you have the necessary information.

    Cambiar hábitos

    We know when electricity is more expensive and when it is cheaper. And if you already have a smart meter, we know when you are using more electricity and when you are using less. From now on, you can have all this information too. From now on you will know when it is convenient to use the washing machine, hoover your home, iron…


    Element 3: activate your saving leversservicio

    *"My Savings" tool is located at the bottom of "My Consumption" screen

  • consejos


    The fourth element that will change your electricity bill is to use efficient strategies that you are not aware of yet.

    It is no good just learning about them, you have to apply them and fully commit to the challenge, which will change your consumption patterns.


    Element 4: activate your saving leversservicio

    *"My Savings" tool is located at the bottom of "My Consumption" screen