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Manage Your Bills

Manage Your Bills

Manage Your Bills

The bills for all associated contacts can be managed easily and conveniently.
Bill Search
You can search for a specific bill or look by groups of bills. From the section Bills / Bill Search, you will obtain a list of all your bills, with direct access to them.
List of Bills
Through the bills list you can:
  • Check the bills you want to see.
  • Request copies of your bills.
  • Download your bills in PDF.
  • Download your bills in XML (only for electronic bills).
  • Download the list of your bills in Excel or print it.
We give you an annual list of your contract bills. To see bills from previous years, mark the year you want to see on the dropdown menu. This way you can make inter-annual comparisons regarding your billing.
Set as Grouped Billing
If you have electronic billing activated, our Online Office offers you the option of setting as grouped billing, through which you can consult various groupings, as well as the bills included in each of these.

Setting grouped billing means that you can have a unified bank account for the different businesses you manage.

If you have grouped billing set and you want to see the bills associated with the billing grouping, click on the grouping detail.
  • Select the detail of the grouping that you want to see.
  • Select the bill number to see the detail.