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Rights to Access, Cancel, Modify and Oppose (ARCO)

The ARCO Rights (rights to Access, Cancel, Modify and Oppose) guarantee users the control of personal information and impose a series of obligations that must be respected by third parties.

What to ARCO rights include?

  • Right to Access: citizens have the right to direct themselves to the party responsible for the file in which their data is stored, in order to request the following information:
  • If their personal data is being subjected to treatment of some sort.
  • The aim of said processing.
  • Information about the origin of their data and transfers made or planned to be made to third parties.
  • Right to Modification and Cancellation: the owner of the data may request that the party responsible for the data correct this data in the case that there is an error, the data is incomplete, inadequate or excessive. The data owner may also request that their personal data be cancelled.
  • Right to Oppose: citizens may oppose the use of their data by third parties for any type of processing. This is a legal instrument.
You can exercise your ARCO rights by going to the Online Office and filling out a request with which you can exercise any of your rights: Access, Modification, Cancellation and Opposition, set forth in the LOPD, as well as the request to not receive publicity, sales communications, etc.
We'll process your request, and once resolved, we'll inform you of its resolution.