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Tempo Happy

Change to the Happy Tempo Tariff and choose when to consume free electricity.

For the first time ever, you can choose the hours in which you won’t pay for your electricity consumption!
  • Choose 2 consecutive hours per day, every day of the week.

  • Or pick one day of the week.

  • 2% discount on consumption the first year for activating the e-billing service.

The price during other hours will remain stable, with no surprises.

CONTRACTservicio See conditions
  • Saving

    Your entire consumption during your happy hours or day will cost €0.

  • Personalised

    You choose the hours that best suit your needs.

  • Flexible

    You can change the day or hours you have chosen at any point.

  • Without a minimum term contract.

    Without a minimum term contract; if you are not happy with it, you can change it at any point.

Multi-channel experience:
Multi-channel experience:

You can view your energy consumption and make any changes you like via the My Endesa private area or using the Endesa customer App. In addition, you will receive personalised advice in your customer area.

What are the advantages of the Tempo Happy Tariff?

With Tempo Happy you can choose the hours of the day when the electricity you consume is free.

And what about during other hours, is electricity more expensive?

During the remaining hours you will be paying a fixed price per kWh, which is the same as Endesa's other tariffs on the Free Market.

Should I change to Happy? Will I pay less?

Happy is a tariff that adjusts to your requirements and your consumption patterns. Most of our electricity consumption usually takes place at specific hours of the day (when we are at home), therefore, if you choose those hours as your Happy hours, all your electricity consumption during that time period will cost €0.

And by doing this you will be able to pay less on your electricity bills.

What are the recommended happy hours?

It depends on your consumption habits, but according to the Red Eléctrica Española (Spanish company operating the electricity grid in the country), electricity consumption in Spain is at its highest between the hours of 9 p. m. and 11 p. m. Think about what times you consume the most electricity and pick your Happy hours, and if after contracting the tariff there are hours in which you consume more, no problem, we will indicate which ones they are and you can change them..

Can I change my Happy hours?

You can change the hours or day you have selected as many times as you like, but it will only be implemented once for each billing period. In other words, your last selection before you are billed will be applied.

But, will I have to change my consumption habits?

No, you can continue with your habits, since by choosing the hours or day that you want, it is the Tempo Happy Tariff that adapts to your consumption pattern. And this is how you can make small savings and pay less on your electricity bill.

How will I know what my hourly consumption is?

Now with new remotely managed smart meters you can access your hourly consumption in the My Endesa customer area and you can find out how you are consuming and identify the Happy hours that work best for you.

How can I change my Happy hours or day?

In the private area of My Endesa at or through our App, you can find out your consumption and change your Happy hours or day if you wish.

What do I have to do to register with the Happy Tempo tariff?

We will take care of everything, whether or not you are a new customer, we will activate your contract, without any unexpected interruptions.

If I am already an Endesa customer and I change my electricity tariff, will it affect my contracts for other products?

No, if you change to the Tempo Happy Tariff, any other contracts you have will not be affected. For example, if you have a discount on gas, this will be maintained regardless of the change.

Who can sign up to the Happy tariff?

The Tempo Happy Tariff is valid for energy supplies with contracted power up to 15 kW, and with 2.0DHA or 2.1DHA access tariffs. If you do not have time-restriction (DHA), don’t worry, we will take care of all the necessary steps.

Do they charge me for switching to DHA (night time)?

Switching to a rate with time-based pricing has costs associated with the contracting rights, €9.04 + VAT if the power is normalised. As a promotion, by contracting the Happy rate, this amount will be returned as long as the power is not increased.

And what if I don’t have a remotely managed meter?

No problem, you will be billed using the standard Red Eléctrica Española curve, which represents the average of all the supplies in the country. This is only temporary, until they activate your remotely managed meter and the load curve. 80% of meters are now managed remotely and they all will be by 2018.

Does this tariff include a minimum term contract?

It does not include a minimum term contract, so if you aren’t convinced you can change it whenever you want.

If I have a remotely managed smart meter, will I still be billed every two months?

The Tempo Happy Tariff will always be applied to monthly bills; the bimonthly option is not available.

Can I choose any hours of the day I like?

No, they always have to be two consecutive hours.

I don’t have a remotely managed meter, what hours should I choose?

If you do not have a remotely managed meter, you should choose the hours or the day taking into account the standard hourly load curve of Red Eléctrica Española. In this case, the hours to choose in winter would be 8 p. m. to 10 .p. m. and in summer from 9 p. m. to 11 p. m.

I already have a nocturnal tariff, should I change to the Happy tariff?

If you already have a nocturnal or a time-restriction tariff and you know how to optimise it, it may not be in your interest to change to the Happy Tempo Tariff; in any case you can always try it without committing to it as it does not include a minimum term contract.

Do I have to pay to normalise the power?

No. Normalising the power has costs associated with the contracting rights, but as a promotion, this amount will be returned as long as the power is not increased, it is just normalised.

If nearly all my consumption is during happy hours, will the power control switch (ICP) trip?

Yes, the ICP could trip as a result of a power overload. Therefore, and to prevent this situation, we recommend not using too many electrical appliances at once and leaving small intervals between using one and another, particularly those that require most power: dishwasher, washing machine or oven.

Offer valid for customers with the 2.1 DHA access tariff.

If you currently have a different access tariff for your supply, Endesa can change this when your register with the service.