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If you have a photovoltaic system installed
  • 25% discount indefinitely on the power unit during tempo hours.*
  • 2% additional discount on consumption during the first year for activating the e-billing service.
CONTRACTAservicio See conditions

Discover more about the Tempo Solar Tariff.

  • Guaranteed savings

    You will enjoy a 25% discount indefinitely on your energy consumption during tempo hours. (in summer from 18:00h to 09:00h and in winter from 17:00h to 10:00h).

  • Sustainable

    Get the most out of your solar photovoltaic system. You will also save, since you will be benefiting from the power generated from your photovoltaic system.

  • Tempo discounts

    You will enjoy a cheaper price during tempo hours (15 hours in summer and 17 hours in winter).


Tariff designed for self-consumption, you will benefit from cheaper prices during Tempo hours when you are not generating energy and need to use the electricity grid.

Clock of summer hourly periods

Tempo Hours: 18:00h to 9:00h

Remaining Hours: 9:01h to 17:59h

Clock of winter hourly periods

Tempo Hours: 17:00h to 10:00h

Remaining Hours: 10:01h to 16:59h

Other times: Self-consumption hours, peak solar radiation hours.


What are the benefits of the Tempo Solar tariff?

With the Tempo Solar tariff you’re guaranteed a discount during Tempo hours.

This tariff is for customers with solar panels, offering you a better price during those periods when the sun isn’t shining.

Can I buy solar PV array from Endesa if I haven’t got one?

Endesa takes care of everything. You’ll enjoy an end-to-end service until your array is connected. We’ll deal with all the administrative paperwork to legalise the array and apply for any grants you may be entitled to.

Your array will be tailor-made to your needs and may include storage if it results in cost savings. This tariff will be adapted to your new consumption habits offering you the chance to cut your electricity bills. You’ll also be able to access an online monitoring service to see how much your array is generating.

See website or call us.


Can I contract this tariff if I don’t have a solar PV array?

Yes, of course you can contract the Tempo Solar tariff.

What are the requirements to apply for the Tempo Solar tariff?

  • Contracted power of 15 kW (low voltage).
  • 2.0DHA or 2.1DHA access tariff. Don’t worry if you’re not on the 2.0DHA or 2.1DHA access tariff, we’ll take care of changing it.
  • Smart meter that can take hourly readings.

What do I need to do to switch to the Tempo Solar tariff?

We’ll take care of all the paperwork so you don’t need to worry about anything. You also don’t need to contact your old supplier to cancel your electricity contract with them.

Will I be charged for changing to 2.0DHA or 2.1DHA?

You will incur additional charges (arrangement fee) if we need to change your access tariff to 2.0DHA or 2.1DHA.

We currently issue you a refund for these charges, although they won’t be refunded if you are increasing your supply capacity (unless it is to comply with regulations).

My meter isn’t digital, can I still switch to the Tempo Solar tariff?

In order to contract the Tempo Solar tariff you’ll need a smart meter that can take hourly readings because they measure what you’ve consumed every hour and enable us to apply the discount for you during Tempo hours.

Your meter will be replaced before 2019.

In the meantime, you can contract any of our other tariffs that don’t need hourly readings such as Tempo Siempre Ganas.

Call us if you don’t know whether you have a smart meter that can take hourly readings and we’ll let you know, even if your current contract is with another supplier.

What is a smart meter that can take hourly readings?

The meter is the device that measures how much electricity you use.

Over the last few years, smart meters have started to be installed that can send readings automatically and can be controlled remotely so a meter reader doesn’t have to visit each home, as in the past. This also reduces errors because you don’t have to let the meter reader in – estimated readings don’t have to be taken if you’re out.

These new meters can take a reading every hour (hourly consumption) providing more details about what you use (on which days, at what time). They also allow us to design new offers like this one that are tailored to your needs rather than as before when you had to adapt your habits to the tariff.

According to regulations, all meters for supplies of up to 15 kW must be smart meters by 2019. If your meter hasn’t been replaced yet, it will be very soon.

How often will I receive a bill on the Tempo Solar tariff?

Bills will be sent out every two months (unless power is controlled using a maximeter).

What happens if I’m more interested in one of Endesa’s other offers or tariffs?

You can switch whenever you want, hassle-free and at no cost.

Is there a tie-in period with this tariff?

If you contract the tariff through this website or one of our Customer Service channels, you’re not tied in. If you don’t think it’s right for you, you can change any time.

(*)Tempo Hours: when customers need to use the grid. Winter: 17:00 to 10:00 and Summer: 18:00 to 09:00. Offer valid for customers with the 2.1 DHA access tariff