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If you have a photovoltaic system installed for self-consumption.

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If you have a photovoltaic system installed
  • 25% discount indefinitely on the power unit during tempo hours.*
  • 2% additional discount on consumption during the first year for activating the e-billing service.
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Discover more about the Tempo Solar Tariff.

  • Guaranteed savings

    You will enjoy a 25% discount indefinitely on your energy consumption during tempo hours. (in summer from 18:00h to 09:00h and in winter from 17:00h to 10:00h).

  • Sustainable

    Get the most out of your solar photovoltaic system. You will also save, since you will be benefiting from the power generated from your photovoltaic system.

  • Tempo discounts

    You will enjoy a cheaper price during tempo hours (15 hours in summer and 17 hours in winter).


Tariff designed for self-consumption, you will benefit from cheaper prices during Tempo hours when you are not generating energy and need to use the electricity grid.

Clock of summer hourly periods

Tempo Hours: 18:00h to 9:00h

Remaining Hours: 9:01h to 17:59h

Clock of winter hourly periods

Tempo Hours: 17:00h to 10:00h

Remaining Hours: 10:01h to 16:59h

Other times: Self-consumption hours, peak solar radiation hours.


What are the advantages of the Solar Tempo Tariff?

With the Solar Tempo Tariff you will always have a guaranteed discount of 25% during Tempo hours.

If I do not have a photovoltaic system, can I purchase one with Endesa?

Endesa can handle everything. You will benefit from a comprehensive service until your system is up and running, including any administrative processes necessary in order to legalise the system and manage subsidies, when available.

Furthermore, your system will be customised to meet your requirements, with storage when you improve your cost savings, enabling you to save money on your energy bill with this tariff that adapts to your new consumption requirements. You will also have an online service available to monitor production.

See website or telephone.


(*)Tempo Hours: when customers need to use the grid. Winter: 17:00 to 10:00 and Summer: 18:00 to 09:00. Offer valid for customers with the 2.1 DHA access tariff