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Electronic Bill

Fri May 23 12:16:58 CEST 2014
The Endesa electronic bill contains the same information as the paper bill, but in digital format.
With the Endesa electronic bill you will have more advantages:
  • Availability: We'll send you an email when your bill's available and you can view it immediately.
  • Speed: Quickly access your bills from your email, without needing to go to My Endesa.
  • Security: The digital signature guarantees the authenticity of the issuer and the integrity of the content.
  • Organisation: You can file all of your bills on your computer or check them from My Endesa.
  • Ecological Savings: Less paper means less environmental impact.

With our electronic billing service, you’ll get a notice by email as soon as your new bill is available. This email will inform you of the date of your bill and the amount due and will provide a link with which you can access your bill.

Activating the electronic billing service is free and very easy. You can do so from your private area My Endesa from the My bills and My contracts tab and you can activate it for one contract or for all your contracts.


Please remember, once you have activated the e-bill service, you will no longer receive a paper bill. But you can ask to return to the paper bill format without being penalised. Always check the specific terms and conditions of your contracted tariff, as the e-bill format may be a requirement in order to enjoy some of the benefits (E.g. One Rate).

If you are not yet registered, register with the My Endesa and activate the electronic bill service.