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Comprehensive Energy Management

Comprehensive Energy Management

Comprehensive Energy Management


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Comprehensive Energy Management

Gestión energética integral

What does the Comprehensive Energy Management consist of?

With the Comprehensive Energy Management service, the renewal and total operation of the installations is outsourced to Endesa, which becomes a technological partner and is responsible for the investment and performance of the works and the running of the installation.

The financing is not entered on the balance sheet of the company, given that the equipment forming the energy management project is part of the assets of Endesa. And once the contracted period has terminated, the client will have a completely renovated and efficient installation, with savings all round.

¿Por qué contratar con Endesa?

  • For our personalised offer.

  • Comprehensive service, turnkey so that you don't have to worry about anything.

  • Because we offer you all the experience of the leading company in the energy sector and the best professionals in the sector.