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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People


We speak your language, Savings.

Personalised service

Endesa offers your company excellent specialised service. Send us your details and we will contact you

Endesa offers you the best plans to optimise the output of your installations; these savings can reach up to 50% of the expenditure for air conditioning.

  • Invest now in savings, comfort and efficiency. With Endesa you have the opportunity to save less starting now, and obtain the most efficient and advanced heating and cooling for your business.
  • Comply with the new regulations. Did you know that starting in 2015, all units that work with the refrigerant R-22 must by law be substituted or modified, according to the Regulation (CE) 1005/2009?
  • At Endesawe examine your equipment and we offer you the best alternative.

The advantages of contracting with Endesa

  • Save energy and save on your bill: our Energy Consultation Solutions offer you the best plans to optimise your installation's output, ensuring supply quality and assuring supply quality and giving you savings on your electricity bill of up to 50%.
  • Better control of your devices: We make available integrated control systems in multi-point installations, obtaining better use and consumption ratios. A way to simplify and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Comprehensive services: from project conception to its delivery, and maintenance afterwards.
  • Endesa Quality:Services backed by the experience of a leading business in the energy sector, which has the sector's best professionals.
  • We make your business more competitive
  • Solutions without initial investment: You can contract the Comprehensive Energy Management (CEM) Service, with which your business will not have to make any type of initial payment for equipment. Endesa will take care of all of the investment and exploitation of the installations while they are in place. You can also access flexible payment options.

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