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The optimisation of energy consumption is key to being competitive. To find out where you can save must be aware of where you consume, through an energy assessment. Endesa takes a personalised study of your business to identify potential savings, the technical solution designed and implemented by a turnkey service, and offering flexible payment formulas.

Save on your bill

You can save on your bill through a fee established following the consumption profile of the company, adjusting power and compensating reactive power, which very often penalises electricity bill by installing a capacitor bank.

Lighting savings of up to 80%

An adequate lighting project needs contributes to improve the installation efficiency. To do this, Endesa custom-made lighting solutions designed to achieve the greatest savings possible with the introduction of multi-technology and advice from expert staff, and ranging from the relamping, equipment and fixtures, to redesigning lighting.

Optimisation of electrical installations

Endesa offers a counseling service electrical installation projects for the optimisation of resources, reduction of power losses and the elimination of unnecessary breakdowns.

Saving for fuel switching up to 45%

Today there are still institutions that work with inefficient fuels such as diesel fuel or propane. By substituting natural gas, a source of cleaner, safer and reliable energy savings can be achieved between 25 and 45% and reduce the equipment maintenance cost. Endesa offers flexible payment formulas, or even makes the investment needed to carry out the projects through Comprehensive energy management service.

Save up to 30% in air conditioning and refrigeration

Air-conditioning and refrigeration installations can be easily updated with Endesa, achieving significant energy savings, while providing greater comfort. In addition, replacing this equipment enables to adapt to the new standards on fluorinated gases, which prohibited from 1 January 2015 the use of new or recycled HCFC, both for maintenance and for recharging. Endesa offers flexible payment formulas, or even making the investment needed to carry out the projects through Comprehensive energy management service.

Why should I sign up with Endesa?

  • for our custom-made offer.

  • Comprehensive service, turnkey so you do not have to worry about anything.

  • Because we offer all experience of the leading company of the power sector of the best professionals of sector.

Stable Gas

Stable Gas

If your business annually consumes more than 50,000 kWh in gas and your electricity supply is Low tension with a contracted capacity greater than 15 kW, we offer you this rate to maximize your savings.

You may be interested in knowing our Energy Advisory Services.

Eficiencia Energética

Maximise the energy efficiency of your company from the analysis and monitoring of consumption.


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