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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People

Proyectos Llave-en-Mano (EN)

Proyectos integrales para mejorar sus instalaciones. (EN)

Personalised service

Endesa offers your company excellent specialised service. Send us your details and we will contact you


Electricity Projects

We offer you solutions to construct, improve and update your low and medium voltage electrical installations, providing the benefits of new technologies and guaranteeing optimal environmental conditions.*

Installation service to meet your project's needs

Our Engineering and Installations Projects are turnkey services for the construction and improvement of your low or medium voltage electrical installations. We deliver the installations completely finished and with all of the legal processes carried out.

Technical and aesthetic criteria are analysed, to carry out a technical-economic evaluation of the necessary electrical infrastructure, with the aim of offering the option that best adapts to the needs of each customer, with the security of complying with current legislation.

Why contract with Endesa?

  • Comprehensive service in the installation.
  • We guarantee experience and facilitation in the management of processes, for connection to the electrical grid.
  • We offer a 2-year warranty.

Advantages of signing up for Endesa Electricity Projects

  • In the case of business growth, the necessity may arise for a new installation, or for assurance of the electrical supply in the case of isolated installations.
  • Optimise resources better,, improve on electricity losses and reduce your electricity bill.
  • Thanks to the maintenance services on-the-job accidents and unexpected stops are avoided and daily activity is improved.
  • Compliant with the current legislation, throughout the mandatory periodic inspections.
  • Possibility of signing up for the Breakdown Attention Service, 24 hours for 365 days.

* Service optional and subject to geographical availability

Gas Projects

Install Natural Gas in your business, It's the most efficient energy, allowing you to obtain up to 40% savings on your yearly bill.
We offer you solutions to construct, improve and update your low and medium voltage electrical installations, providing the benefits of new technologies and guaranteeing optimal environmental conditions.

Sign up for Endesa's Gas Projects and start enjoying all the advantages

  • Para satisfacer todas sus necesidades de generación de frío y calor, o mejora de los climate control systems achieving the maximum comfort, energy efficiency and savings
  • Comprehensive service, rom project conception to delivery, and maintenance afterwards.
  • "Turnkey solutions": closed sale conditions.
  • Endesa Qualit:: Services backed by the xperience of a leading business in the energy sector, which has the sector's best professionals.
  • With application of internal technical standards
  • Solutions without initial investment::You can contract the Comprehensive Energy Management (CEM) Service, with which your business will not have to make any type of initial payment for equipment. Endesa will take care of all of the investment and exploitation of the installations while they are in place. You can also access flexible payment options.
  • The most economic, safest and cleanest solution

Advantages of signing up for Endesa Gas Projects

  • Continuous supply:without periodic replacements and without the need for storage.
  • Save energy: better fuel output thanks to uniform composition.
  • Economic savings: heat production with natural gas is much more economic than with other fuels, which provides for savings of up to 48%.
  • Without consumption of in-preparation electricity and decanting of liquid fuels.
  • Does not produce ash or solid residue. Requires less maintenance.
  • Prolongs the useful life of your equipment and heat production installations.
  • The fossil fuel with the lowest environmental impact, in both its extraction and in its manufacture, transport and use.