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Energy Audits

14th February 2017 is the deadline for registering in the corresponding Autonomous Community for Auditing in accordance with the 2016 Royal Decree on Energy Efficiency, which requires Companies to undergo an energy audit(1)

Advantages of contracting Endesa to carry out the energy audit:

  • Endesa Guarantee in terms of the scope and period for carrying out the audit. If you receive a fine for failing to comply with the provisions of this Royal Decree, Endesa shall be responsible for the management and costs of this claim and/or fine.
  • 12-month interest free financing. We offer you financing over 12 months to help you comply with this mandatory regulation.
  • Customised product to meet your company’s requirements.

    Four audit levels with various scopes and prices that enable us to best meet your needs and optimise prices:

    • Mulitpoint 60 Energy Audit
      Audit for electricity supply points with a contracted power of up to 60Kw and solely with electricity as the source of energy.
    • Mulitpoint 120 Energy Audit
      Audit for electricity supply points with a contracted power of up to 120Kw and with the possibility of a gas cooker.
    • Energy Audit
      Audit for points of supply with thermal process systems, without a contracted power limit.
    • Industrial Energy Audit
      Customised audits for the industrial sector.
  • National coverage for carrying out energy audits, essential for companies with consumption points distributed over various areas.

Carrying out the audit with Endesa provides a whole host of advantages:

  • Energy Management Service
    30% discount when you register with the energy consultancy service for the first year.
  • ISO 50.001
    The audit is valid for the implementation of ISO 50.001 standard
  • Profitability
    The analysis of the current behaviours of your company provides quantified saving opportunities.

(1) Mandatory for:


  1. Large companies: Those that employ at least 250 people and which, even if they do not meet this criterion, have a volume of business in excess of 50 million euros and also, a general balance in excess of 43 million euros.
  2. - Groups of companies that, taking into account the aggregated figures of all the companies that make up the consolidated group, meet the aforementioned requirements of a large company. Excluded from the scope of application are micro-companies, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Fines of up to €60,000


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If you would like more information about the Energy Audit Service you can download the following document.