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Energy Diagnosis

Your business needs efficient energy management. Whatever the size of your business, and based upon analysis and oversight of your consumption, Endesa's Energy Consultation Service provides a structured energy savings plan, identifying points for improvement and obtaining the following for your business:

  • Better energy efficiency and economic savings.
  • Better competitiveness and safety.
  • Improve your image and contribute to sustainable development.

Discover saving solutions that best fit your company:

Corrective measures without investment

Contracted power

As simple as adjusting it to your real consumption


Discover how to adjust it to your working habits

Hidden or abnormal consumption patterns

As important as detecting and eliminating these, or resolving these.

Best practices

The importance of raising awareness among employees and customers with regard to energy efficiency

Corrective measures with investment

Lighting, air conditioning and control systems

Installing more efficient technologies, monitoring and control elements

Reactive power

We help you offset this power in order to avoid reactive power penalties on your bill

Independent harmonics analysis

Solve harmonic wave problems that affect the voltage, current, overheating conductors, valve triggers, etc.

Heat study

Replacing conventional diesel oil or natural gas boilers with more efficient solutions


It may interest you to find out about our Energy Audit Service

Eficiencia Energética

The 14th of November 2016 is the deadline for complying with the Royal Decree on Energy Efficiency 2016, which establishes that all companies have to undergo an energy audit


It may interest you to find out about our Capacitor Batteries.

Eficiencia Energética

You will be able to save even more on your company’s electricity bill using reactive energy, by installing a capacitor bank.


Contact us Energy Diagnosis

If you would like more information about Energy Diagnosis, please provide us with your details and we will get in touch with you to provide the answer.

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