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Maximize savings by adjusting consumption to more cost-friendly periods.


Allows you to maximise savings by adapting your consumption to the lowest cost periods, by contracting only the power you need in each moment.

  • Rate particularly aimed at Deterrent rate supplies, temporary supplies (seasonal, temporary and relief). And in generally any supply with rate 3.1.A.

  • +9% additional discount on the Energy Term indefinitely.

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Discover the advantages to Optimum Tariff

  • Savings

    With this rate it is possible to increase savings by moving consumption to the hours with lower energy demand (off-peak hours).

  • Discount

    Offers an indefinite discount on your electricity consumption.

  • Easy

    Easy to contract: without costs, changes to your installation or supply cut-offs.

Personalised service

Endesa offers your company excellent specialised service. Send us your details and we will contact you.


Optimum Prices

Optimum rate: 450 kW On-Peak Mid-Peak Off-Peak
Power charge 4,931122 €/kW and month 3,040891 €/kW and month 0,697311 €/kW and month
Energy charge 0,10787 €/kWh and month 0,10131 €/kWh and month 0,07664 €/kWh and month

Conditions valid through 31/10/2019

Optimum Time Schedule Periods

Ideal for business whose consumption activity can be adapted to th lowest-cost periods (hours with lowest energy demand):


  • Off-Peak Period:00:01h a 8:00h
  • Periodo punta:17:01h a 23:00h
  • Mid-Peak Period:8:01h a 17:00h y 23:01h a 00h


  • Off-Peak Period:00:01h a 8:00h
  • Període Punta (Peninsula and Canary Islands)
  • Període Punta( Balearic Islands):17:01h a 23:00h
  • Mid-Peak Period:8:01h a 9:00h y 16:01 a 17:00 y 23:01h a 00h


  • Mid-Peak Period (Weekends and National holidays):00:01h a 8:00h

Contract the Optimum Rate now

Contract the Optimum Rate and start enjoying all its advantages.


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