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Personalised Tariffs

Personalised Tariffs

Decide how to save.

Sign up for Personalised Rates and start saving in your business:

  • With the objective of always giving you the best electricity option for your business,Endesa offers you the Personalised Tariffs, specially designed for customers with high consumption and based upon their business's needs.
  • With a Personal Advisor, who will determine the best solution, you can choose between multiple combinations. Sign up with Business Customer Service at 800 760 266.

Stable Gas

Stable Gas

If your business annually consumes more than 50,000 kWh in gas and your electricity supply is Low tension with a contracted capacity greater than 15 kW, we offer you this rate to maximize your savings.

It may interest you to learn about our Maintenance of Transformation Centres.

Servicios de Mantenimiento

Carrying out proper maintenance of the Transformation Centres producing Medium Voltage electricity supplies is key for the safety of your appliance. Learn more about the different options that Endesa has on offer.


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